Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just Another Day

Lately I have been feeling that I live such a boring life. A life so mundane that it isn't worthy for me to talk about it here. But luckily for me I got to go out on Saturday to take part in this grocery shopping competition at Giant. Sometimes just being out of the house for a few minutes is enough to make you feel like your life is actually.. happening.

The goal was to mainly be able to grab as many Palm Oil products off the shelves as possible and shove it in our trolleys within 3 minutes. But the tricky part is where you have to get as many different categories of products as possible and within the budget of RM100.

That is if you're aiming to get into the top 5.

People getting ready with their trolleys before the starting line.

Why do I look so yellow like an overriped banana here.
Taken by Chris's iphone.

Best part is we get a box of free doughnuts each and we get to keep whatever we stuffed into our trolleys for... wait for it.....

The top 5 will then have to cook their way up to be in the top 3.
I can't cook for nuts, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise that I didn't get into the top 5 haha.
It was utterly impossible to win anyway, with all the experienced housewives there propping lists after lists on what to get and memorising every inch and corner of Giant from months ago.

Look at what these two jakuns are doing.

I've been staying at home alot ever since I came back from Penang, apart from going to the saloon once and meeting up with my friends to watch The Conjuring.
Yes finally I've located some balls to watch The Conjuring. Well, I've got to say that the director is really smart with the way he plays his angles. Everytime when it is intended to show ghost's appearance, the scene will immediately be zoomed into a close-up shot.
Of the ghost's face.

So one moment its like this.

And the next, this..

Get the picture?:D

Hence everytime when the face of the ghost is revealed, it leaves you no warning to cringe or curl up into a ball.
You just have to suck it in and keep your hands as close to your face as possible at all times, so that you can cover your eyes ASAP when the 'close-ups' come on screen.
 At least that was what Jia Yi, Chris and I did.

Well I liked the ending of the movie as.. *spoiler alert*  it had a happy ending, unlike other cliff hanging horror movies which leave you like wtf when the credits start to crawl on the screen.

But what made this movie scarier was these 5 words: Based on a true story.

I'm quite embarrassed to say that I did not dare go downstairs to get water at night, after this movie. I ended up swallowing my saliva dry and visualized that it was water I was swallowing.
How pathetic can I get.
And when I switched my lights off in my room, I quickly ran to my bed, jumped onto it and pulled up the sheets to neck, making sure my legs were covered.

 Just in case some invisible force would tug my leg if I left my legs uncovered.

Now, time to move on from yet-another-one-of-my-hapless-experience with horror movies.
I have new hair!!! Well new hair attached onto my original hair that is. Hehe.

It looked really nice on the first day but after I washed it.. meh. 
The colours weren't that obvious any more :(
And my hair looked like it was untouched, once again.
My parents were freaked out though. As Expected.

So much for trying to save money and not going to a professional salon.

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