Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bad Boy Cooks & Randomness

Today was one of our choir mate's birthday and she invited us all to celebrate it with her at this restaurant called Bad Boys Cook. This place is located at Oasis Square in Damansara which is the same place as my previous post on another restaurant called Kumar's. If you guys haven't been to Oasis Square, well you should. It's like the new happening foodie place right now. I can't say everything there is delicious to the max, but the ambience there is superb for a pleasant eating experience.

All of us wanted to try this place even since a long time ago before it opened. But it was always filled with so many people that not a single table or chair was empty for more than a second. The only times you can see it empty is when the people either go to the washroom or the entire place is already reserved.
Well due to this, you can say that we were never lucky enough to dine here.

I forgotten to take a picture of their exterior. But not to worry, everything at Oasis Square is pretty straightforward. So in worse case scenarios, like if you left your specs at home, and the degree of your short sightedness is at a staggering amount of 800, you'd still be able to navigate around to the shop of your desire. No problemo :D
On second thought, please do no such thing.

 The interior.
Bad Boy Cooks was practically decorated to look like a typical American eatery.

 A glimpse at the menu.
It was pretty glaring so this was the best my cam could do :/

The birthday girl said we could order anything we wanted.
So that was exactly what we did. HEHE

 Old School Lemon Tea.

 The Steak.
It was a pretty small portion though.

My cheesy nachos.

 My Double BB On Fire.
It has two beef patties in it, topped with some cheese, tomatoes and minced meat.
The beef patties were alright.
 Not the dense kind (which I still love the best), but it was the loose kind.
Crisp on the outside and juicy once bitten.
But the bread was crumbly and dry.
The butter they put on the bread while toasting it, was too much till I could barely finish the bread.

 The Super BB.
It has a chicken sausage, with bacon pieces, an egg, cheese and onion rings in it.
Fanciest looking sausage bun I've seen in my life I would say.

 Grilled Fish.

My dad's Big BB.
This was their signature burger as well apparently.
The way it was served was pretty fascinating, considering that big piece of bacon flaunting itself on the side.
It tasted pretty similar to mine though.
Except that here you'd taste more veggies, mushrooms plus an extra slice of bacon.

And now for the best part of the entire meal.... I present you...

 The Bad Boy Madness!
was what I ordered for my dessert and I was generally in awe when this big plate of thingie arrived at our table.
When I ordered it, they just told me that it was 3 scoops of ice cream, a banana and cookies on the side.
But I wasn't expecting THIS ._.

It was the combination of...

A Banana Split
A Chocolate Brownie
One huge Dark Chocolate Cookie
One huge Regular Chocolate Chip Cookie
3 Scoops of Ice Cream Sundae
Dark Chocolate Chips
Loads & Loads of Whipped Cream

They said it was for 4 people. We shared it with one other table and yet, we could barely finish the whipped cream and cookies! Not to mention there were still so many chocolate chips left lying around the melted whipped cream and on the table. A dozen fresh chocolate chip cookies could've been made using those remaining chocolate chips.
One thing that really made this dessert taste so good was because of the quality of chocolate they used for it. The chocolate chips were of good quality as it melts effortlessly in your mouth, the brownies were super chocolatey that the taste of chocolate lingers in your mouth, and the chocolate cookies tasted like those of Subway's, but bigger the size with a much much more generous amount of chocolate inside it.
Whoosh best chocolate dessert ever! 

 The happy birthday girl :)

 The staff were pretty cute singing along haha.

Well many people would come to this place because of it's pricing as it was pretty affordable (wouldn't burn a hole in your wallets) and also of it's environment.
I would say it was an American-styled diner with an Asian portion size and Asian pricing.
I say that because the portions were rather small, suitable for most average Asians and again, the price wasn't that costly at all. Which is again what most Asians, or rather Malaysians, would look at before enjoying a meal.
The food was abit lacking in taste though, especially the steak and fish. Quality wise was just average but hey, you get what you pay for.

Above all, I still think that if anybody should come here, it should be for their dessert, the Bad Boy Madness. It will blow chocolate and dessert lovers to the moon and back!


After that, we went to see a show house near my place.  Show houses are so pretty! But I can't imagine living in it cuz some of their decorations were sooooooo beautiful and neat, it was not practical at all. There was a bedroom with two beds but only a tiny closet. Like so tiny, even a single child of 6 years old would have more clothes than the closet could fit. So how in the world is this room supposed to be for two people to share when there was not any space left to even put a second closet.

Lol there were quite alot of places to take nice pictures though.

& that's about it! :)

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