Thursday, 24 April 2014

Boat Noodles at Empire Damansara

I went to Empire Damansara with my friends between breaks just to to find out what was all the hype on all these 'boat noodles' about.

So I went there all hyped and I found out that the noodles had nothing to do about boats, disappointingly. To me at least.

Where's the boat in my boat noodles? :(

The menu.

Cutting to the chase, boat noodles were actually originated from Thailand and is also a place that had became tremendously popular as they encourage locals and even tourists who go to Bangkok, to try it.

But in Bangkok of course it's just a small hawker shop by the street and not like the shop here which was nicely decorated and air conditioned.

So let's get down to the most important part of this discover: The price.
It was RM 1.90 a bowl.
Ya, anybody would think hey it's pretty cheap until you realise the portion, and that they encourage you to eat as many as you can.

Otherwise you'll be called a BABY.

It's not fair to compare it to the one in Bangkok, but I'm still going to let you know that the price for one bowl there is 10 baht. Which converted to MYR is RM 1.


But the concept works for people because when we were there, we even had to wait for tables though it was already 3pm which was past the typical lunch hour.

The noodles were typical, had a mix of sourness and saltiness, with a hint of spiciness to tingle your tastebuds, which opens your appetite pretty well. So don't go adding more chili without tasting it first like how we did.

 The little meatball halves were not always included in our bowls, resulting to people paying mostly for the noodles.

Though as we all know noodles do not cost that much.

To sum up everything, if you ask me whether it was worth, my answer would be yes... and no.

Yes to the fun experience you get competing with your ravenous friends on who can eat the most bowls. However no to the price and the quality of the noodles. You don't feel the pinch when you see that it's RM 1.90, but as you eat and realise: damn these portions are not enough, you will start feeling money conscious.

I'd say it's something I would just want to try once in my life :)

Eva and I ate 8 bowls. Venice ate 9 and therefore she won LOL. Our punishment was that we had to pay extra for one of her noodles :P 

The place is located at:
G3A, Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara
Opposite Burger Junkyard.
So how many bowls can you eat?? haha

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