Sunday, 20 April 2014

Last Friday Night

Our mates decided to host a house party in a hotel suite. We girls were so excited we kept texting each other days before about what to wear, what to bring, to eat or not to eat before the party, and etc.

Haha girl problems.

Eva, Kristine and I before we went up to the place.
I think I was abit overdressed LOL
Well there wasn't any dress code stated so I thought just to be on the safe side, I should look my best --"

 Meet everyone else.

Then we headed to the toilet to do what was necessary in every party: take more photos.
Honestly speaking, this was the sole reason we even attended HAHAHA.
Lol I sound so uncool.
On top of that, this was the first house party I've ever attended which had free flow of alcohol the entire night.
If you ever thought you were uncool, do check again.

 Couldn't close my mouth properly the entire night, so I ended up looking like laughing stock next to these gorgeous ladies.
It's the braces I tell you :( *sniff sniffs*

 Look at the quality of this picture o_o
I look like a retard at the side but nevermind that.
I'm just so in love with Venice's Casio camera.
It makes everyone look simply flawless.

I tell you this is a great gadget if you're single and looking to cheat guys on FB.
Jokes jokes jokes.
But on a serious note, I might totally do that.

Overall, it was a rather good night hanging out with all of them and being able to see all my classmates' ahem, wild side.

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