Friday, 11 April 2014

College Days

Matching blue outfit with Eva today and we didn't even realise it. College has been hectic... and that was surprisingly unexpected as I thought I could already manage my time better.

But not being able to do research online at home for assignments and homework has taken a toll on my time, which meant that the hours I had to spend in college summed up to a bigger amount.

Like right now I'm blogging in campus though it feels awkward LOL.
Cuz if I wait till I get home, chances are that the broadband would feel cheeky and not allow me to post anything.

I've been learning French and gawdddd. It's tough. Apparently there's a gender for everything. And by that I mean even the laptop you're staring at now has a gender.

So if it's masculine, a whole set of rules apply to it. If it's feminine, a whole other set of rules are applied to it. Imagine the amount of stuff we have to memorise just to learn this language.

I really salute the French now that I found out about it. Oh and words aren't pronounced like how they are spelt. Like the alphabet E is pronounced as 'ugh', while 'I' is pronounced as 'ee'. Confusing right?

The toughest one to me is the letter 'R'. It's like the moment before you wanna spit your phlegm out, you make that sound by growling/groaning/ (idk what it's called lol)? Well that's how you pronounce the 'R' when it's inside words.

So imagine you're saying 'pardon'. It's like 'Pahkkkdon'.

The 'K' is where you will do that special thing in your throat.

I just wore slippers cuz I thought my top and skirt made up for it HEH.
And it's just college hahah. 
Lazy la.

Good lighting so I just had to take a selfie.
I didn't even had to edit this picture.
All I did was just increase the contrast.

Not-so-good lighting haha --"
Anyway I'm in love with these rings! 
Sooo addicted to wearing it. 
Cuz I think I look cool

But my friends told me I looked like Xerxes from 300.

And that's all for now!
Gotta rush for assignments now :'(

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