Saturday, 19 April 2014


Yes, I've finally updated my blog header in a loooooong time. But I think it will scare people cuz of it's size. I'm aware I look self obsessed because of how huge the picture is.... Heh heh heh --"
But I can't seem to make it smaller for some reason :/

Oh well you'll live.

Arghh I wanna upload pictures on yesterday's party and last week's Pet Expo but as usual my connection just sucks that bad.

This entire week has been hectic and finding time to upload photos during college hours became pretty impossible thanks to all the workload shoved to us by our wonderful lecturers.

Can people die of stress? Cuz I think I'm headed down that path.

Yesterday night was really weird though. I dreamt about two dogs. One died because he got ran over a car and I was crying so badly for it. I think real tears came out too when I was sleeping. I mean I can't believe how big an impact that dream was on me. Usually I don't remember my dreams when I wake up. I would only remember whether it was good or bad, and that's it. So this time, it was really a shocker to me. 


Choi. Dai ga lai xi. Touch wood.

Ok totally weirded me out.

Anyway, will update about everything soon. Hopefully tomorrow! :)

Gotta get some sleep to erase those dark eye circles now. Had late nights almost the entire week and now I'm just happy that I'm so close to my bed at this hour..... *runs over to kiss bed*

Good night!

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