Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wishes & Dreams

FINALLY! I have been living without the Internet for one whole damn week at home and finally I have Internet access. Oh and note. I'm using McD's Internet like a cheapo.

I still do not have Internet at home. Living without it can be so frustrating at times I tell you. It's not that I'm dependent on it and that I can't live without it, but there are certain times where urgent messages are posted on Facebook and out of your entire class, you'll be the last one to view it.

TM said they will be setting up unifi at our place today. But I'm not counting on it cuz they said the exact same thing three months ago and it never came.

Anyway I have so manyyyy pictures to post but I just don't have time or connectivity to post it.
For now, I'll just update on all the ootd picts I've been posting on Instagram :D

 Tokio Hotel band T-shirt, Cross necklace, distressed denim shorts, black stockings and creepers.

 Yes I love Tokio Hotel.
Or should I say I used to.
That is till they kept breaking their promises and did not make a comeback after all last year.
But I like this shirt cuz this was one of the first few shirts which I managed to cut the sleeves off properly by myself.

 Denim jacket, Houndstooth shorts and red sneakers.
The Houndstooth pattern was originally meant for a classy look.
It has a long history dating back to the 1800s.

So classy.
But people will think you've gone mad if you wore this in Malaysia.

I prefer the edgy casual look as compared to the sweet look, so I paired my houndstooth shorts with a denim jacket and a black top.

It gives a different vibe to your entire outfit for some reason, and easily spices your outfit up! Mixing and matching your clothes is the key to give yourself an entirely new look if you don't want to splurge on new clothes every season.

I love this feather bracelet which I got from the Closet 101.
Do check them out as they have really pretty accessories like this.
And apparently they were the ones who came up with the infinity bracelet idea first in Malaysia!

So dreamyyy
Ok la I purposely lighten it because I looked pretty ugly here la.
So people will be distracted with the dreamy effect and not focus on my face LOL.
Tell me it worked haha.

That's it for now!
You wouldn't wanna hear me rant because it will be about exams again -.-
You'll get sick of it.
I feel like a primary school kid complaining about exams sometimes because it's as though I'm the only one who hasn't given up being against it.
It's as though I'm the only one who hasn't grown up too. 
I'm becoming a woman-child.

P.S. Pray for me that I'll get wifi at my area soon so that I can update this space more often aites :'(
Keeping my fingers crossed :x

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