Sunday, 8 June 2014


If you know me, you would know I love fashion. Alot. Not typical fashion that is accustomed to the likes of Vogue and the brands of clothing which they flaunt in fashion shows like Milan. But the personalised street kind.

The kind which you do not have to depend on labels to look good.
I'm not a really huge fan of branded items and labels because most of the time, people are just paying what's on the price tag for the label rather than the outfit itself.

A small piece of chiffon material can cost up to hundreds and I don't think that really makes sense lol.
Not to mention for a cloth which is semi transparent.

Nevertheless there are certain brands which I find affordable like H&M for instance. But it is getting rather annoying that you can't get an outfit there which the rest of Malaysia do not have. Like how you bought this outfit only to realised the next day,oh shit, that girl's got the same outfit as me. Oh wait, why is her friend wearing the exact same thing too.

Kinda gotten abit annoyed with ducking and hiding whenever I see someone wearing the same thing as me. I still shop there, but I have to be wise on what to pick.
 LOL. Macam rocket science je.

Anyway, I wouldn't say I have one particular style, because I wear anything that I like and I get bored sticking to one style for a long time. I really like shopping for new clothes but most of the times, I would prefer mixing and matching what I already have.

I mean look at shopping malls these days. To really keep up with the trends, you'd have to buy new clothes almost every two weeks.

So blah. Screw that. Unless you're rich, you can't really afford to do that.

Just recently, I fell in love with this amazing skirt that I'd like to share with you guys!


It was love as first sight and I thought anyone could pull this off!
Whether you're skinny or curvy this skirt flatters your body shape.
If you're skinny it actually accentuates your body shape, highlighting your curves, while if you're curvy it won't make you look bulky. It hugs your curves instead!


Most of this skirts were produced by an online store in the US named Lushfox.
I honestly contemplated buying it straight from this shop however there wasn't a fixed price stated for shipment and they never got back to me about it.

Unfortunately, I had some difficulties looking for it in Malaysia.
But after much research and googling....

I found something similar.

Bralet  from The Silver Linings.
Wrap around skirt from Ebay.
I wanted it in Nude actually, but I think my order got abit messed up.
I was actually grateful that black came instead as I was aware nude wouldn't appear that well in this quality.

The only flaw which I didn't really like was that this skirt had an "old-school" elastic band.
Because of it, I felt it kinda took the sexiness out of the skirt. 
The elastic band was the kind that can be found on your granny's pants.
That's how unsexy it is.

This was what I paired the skirt with.
A chunky necklace that can be found anywhere these days and a long necklace to make my outfit seem more casual, as it was just lunch and I wasn't going anywhere fancy to eat.

I'm still searching for a better version of this skirt and I found a white one just few weeks back. Haven't got a chance to wear it but when I do, you'll see for yourself! 
The quality is pretty amazing compared to this one as well.

 Will update about it soon so stay tuned! :)
Hope you like this skirt as much as I do hahaha.
Do share if you found anything similar around Malaysia.
Would love to hear from you guys! :D

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