Friday, 20 June 2014

The Wrap-Me Skirt

If you've read my post before this, you'd know that I have been looking high and low for these much-raved-about skirts in Malaysia. And guess what... I found an online store in Malaysia which sells the similar kind as the ones from US and has better quality than the previous one I got from Ebay!

Ok I shall spam pictures now.

Crop top from H&M
Skirt from The Fickle One
Bracelets from H&M

They only have 3 colours for this skirt - black, white and gray. I wanted something that looked classy so I opted for the white one as I already had a similar black one (anyway).

When I wore it, I realised that choosing your underwear can be rather tricky for this skirt lol. Although the material was pretty good in quality, it somewhat is still abit transparent for some reason. But skin colour undies would work well with it :D

So you might wanna try black if you're afraid of undie-issues. Oh and if your undies are tight on top, the skirt would show that bulge of fat pretty obviously.

They call this the muffin tops.
I mean no one would wanna be in an embarrassing situation as such right.
So a tip to be able to pull off this skirt effortlessly (actually you have to put a lot of effort behind), would be to wear a highwaisted beige coloured underwear.

This is just an example.
But it's good to keep something like this handy as some body-hugging dresses might require it as well! :)

Of all the talk about undies, I guess my main concern would be only this aspect. 
Besides that, the skirt is quite a wow factor.

The shop didn't sponsor me to write this or anything so everything here is from my honest opinion.
So there! :) 
Shop away ladiesss.

P.S. My french paper just ended! Woohoo! Gonna burn all my french notes now.
So if you do happen to smell haze, you'll know why.

Just kidding.

Really thankful it's over, now I just hope that I can pass. I don't think the lecturer likes me :( She gave me super low marks for my presentation and oral test although I thought I did ok. I even got 17/20 marks for my mid term, but she said that I still did not pass yet.
I mean imagine that! I almost scored full marks for my mid terms but she confronted me with this crappy news?


And that is pretty much why I dislike her as well. Haha.

Sigh I might have to abandon this little space for awhile now :( So much to study and work on for the next two weeks.

Till then! :3

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