Friday, 6 June 2014

Just Give Me A Reason

Finally! All is completed. For now.

Had a pretty rough day today. Actually everyday was a pretty rough day the past few weeks LOL. But today was slightly rougher. Haha if I even made sense.

I've been really doing alot of last minute work because I just had so many things to deal with. For some people, being last minute serves as a wonderful motivation to produce their best results. I admit I belong to the last minute category, however I think the part which says 'producing best results', just doesn't apply to me unfortunately.

*Big sigh*

I don't even know whether my assignments are going to turn out well for this semester. And recently, I just feel so handicapped. The main reason being not having a laptop compatible with video editing softwares. I guess in broadcasting, this is definitely a must or else you're definitely gonna suffer.

My group video assignment suffered due to that. I felt like a useless piece of trash when it came to the editing part as I was supposed to be the one to edit the videos. The thing is, I love editing videos. I really do. No joke. lol.

But because of not having a laptop that could support any video editing software without crashing every 5 minutes, my job was ultimately passed to my other group member who basically suffered an entire sleepless night just to finish it up.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, we had to use someone else's laptop who wasn't in our current semester's course at all.

Major handicap.

My groupmate then had to stay back in college secretly to use their computers (as the computer labs are not open 24/7) to continue editing the videos as we couldn't bring home that poor person's laptop obviously. I couldn't be there because I wasn't allowed to stay over anywhere.

Furthermore, on that particular night I already had an appointment which was made one month ago,with my girls. Supposedly it started at 6.30 pm but I got lost for 3 hours, almost ending up in Genting, as I did not have 3G or a GPS with me :'(

So by the time Eva came to my rescue, the sky was practically pitch black already.
And the event was long OVER. No more free food. *whaaaaaaiiiii*

#BadLuckHon strikes yet again.

Anyway here's a short picturorial story of what happened while I was gone.

My ootd from long ago.
Loving the Maxi Cardigan which I got from an Esprit sale 2 months ago!
I can match it with almost anything and it keeps me feeling nice and warm as I get cold easily.
The 'Wild' top was from a random blogshop that happened to set up a store in Taylor's. 
High waisted shorts from Bangkok and chain necklace from H&M.

For some reason, I look so pale here.

Remember the event which I missed?
I ended up having my dinner here instead with the girls.

But nothing can compare with the joy of receiving free food :(
AHAHA major cheapo alert.

 Don't be fooled! These curry puffs are huge!

 It's the size of my hand o_o
I've never seen this curry puff before until Venice introduced it to me.
Apparently it is pretty well known.

 If you're interested to check this curry puff out, it's located inside The Gardens shopping mall.
It was not bad as there were chicken chunks inside but I did wish they included at least a small piece of egg inside.
This curry puff isn't the salty-with-a-tinge-of-sweetness kind, if you're into that kinda puff.
It is more towards just salty, so if you're a fan of the other kind, you might be abit disappointed in these.

 Went to the Mines to be part of a Chinese television drama series which will be aired in RTM2.
Honestly it was nothing much but just a super 'keh-leh-feh' role.

I look so chubby here :3

 That's Eva there 
So happy we were able to gain experience through this though! 
Even if it was just a tiny role :)
We were both acting as sales ladies lol.

OOOOH and the best part of all was my car!
It looks as if it was brand new now!
Got everything fixed under the-car-who-banged-me's insurance.
I feel so proud whenever I drive now haha! (ignore the P-sticker peeling off)

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