Sunday, 1 June 2014

Running Out Of Time

I want to share so many things that have been happening recently but I just can't seem to find the time! :( Not this week at least... Did I mention I had about 4 assignment due this week?

Yea no shit.
Welcome to the life of broadcaster-wannabes. 

Seriously if you don't really know much about broadcasting, DON'T TAKE IT. Its got nothing to do with the glamorous life of meeting stars oh-so-conveniently and etc -.-

Those are just lies.

It's all about being behind the scenes. I look at my friends and admire those who're taking PR. Their life is so much easier compared to us :'(

Oh well.

SNEAK PEAK for what I'm gonna post up soon after finishing up my 3k worded essay, annotated bibliographies, findings analysis, and French oral presentation. *if you got the hint, you'd know that it won't be up so soon lol*

Recently my skin has been getting worse as well.
It can't be seen from this picture because of the lighting (thank God) but my skin has been getting itchy for no reason at all.
When it gets itchy, it means that an acne or pimple is gonna pop out at that spot soon.
And somehow the pimple creams which used to be so effective on my skin, became of no help at all.
For some weird reason, I managed to become immune to all the creams I used. 

Maybe it's due to the stress :(

Anyway hope you guys would check this space soon for updates :)
No sleep tonight! (-_-)//

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