Friday, 13 June 2014

Tony Roma's - Raising the Steaks

If there's one thing the world would know about Tony Roma's, it would be their ribs.

But have you wondered 'what about the rest of their food'?

In line with their recent “Raising The Steaks” promotion, I got invited to do a review on some of their steak dishes.

When I got there, I was greeted with wonderful service (as I was late, oops). Everyone was smiling and, you know what, for some reason that just made me feel even more hungry. If there's even any possible correlation between the two. 

I ordered the Mango Romarita. 
RM 14.90
It was basically a mixture of mango, orange and fresh lime juice shaken altogether with some ice.
A plus point would be that it's non-alcoholic, so this would definitely be a hit for kids.

They had other flavours as well such as the Strawberry, Wild Berry and the original Romarita itself. 
But as you can see the main ingredients were the orange and fresh lime juice, which gave it its refreshingly unique, zesty taste.

 *Picture credit to Amelia

New York Strip with Roasted Red Pepper sauce.
RM 63.90
Flame grilled steak served with creamy roasted red pepper sauce and a choice of two sides.
This was a favourite among other bloggers who went, as the sauce complimented the beef strip, which made the meat juicier and tender.

 *Picture credit to Amelia
Ribeye Steak with Roasted Onion Sauce.
RM 63.90
Ribeye steak served with home-made roasted onion sauce with a tinge of lemon pepper, served with a choice of two sides.

 *Picture credit to Amelia

 *Picture credit to Amelia
The Filet Medallions with Mushroom Sauce.
RM 63.90
 Grilled filet medallions covered in mushroom sauce, served with a choice of two sides.
Another dish which was popular was this, as the medallions were the most tender compared to the rest of the steaks.

 New York Strip with Peppered Beef Bacon and Asparagus Relish.
RM 63.90
A flame grilled New York Strip garnished with peppered beef bacon and asparagus relish, glazed with white balsamic glaze, served with mashed potatoes. 
This was the one I ordered :D

As you can see, the steak had a warm pink centre which was a good sign.
 I usually like my steak medium, so I requested to have it that way.
However, the steak turned out a little dry for my liking. 
Whatever moisture it had, was from the little sauce it had and not the meat.
I also didn't like how the taste of the balsamic gaze was rather intense, overpowering the sweetness of the meat itself.
If you dislike vinegar, you probably wouldn't want to go for this dish. 

 The Chocolate Avalanche.
Moist chocolate fudge cake pieces served with Vanilla ice cream in a Martini glass.

The other bloggers and people who were present.

 Amelia and I :D

 Me and my attempt of smiling with my thick lips closed. LOL

What I genuinely liked about Tony Roma's was that their portion was pretty generous and you'll have a full tummy at the end of just one set. The steaks were pretty thick in size which made each bite a satisfying mouthful.

The price is of course more on the costly side, but if you're looking for a place which not only serves quality food but offers good service and a pleasing ambience as well, it's worth it.

If you're wondering, I went to the branch at eCurve (formerly known as Cineleisure). 

Promotion Now!

Tony Roma's will be having this 'Raising the Steaks' promotion from now till the 13th of July 2014, so you'll have an entire month to take advantage of it! :) 
So hurry up and head on to your nearest branch to get a taste of their famous steaks before their promo ends!

Once again, thank you Tony Roma's for this delightful evening filled with good food and company! I certainly had a great time savouring all their steaks.

For more information, do check out their official website here.

Thank you for reading! Hope this review gave you guys a helpful insight on Tony Roma's :D

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