Sunday, 15 June 2014

Cheap Eyeshadows - Daiso

Ok I know that many people probably have a principle to not use anything cheap on their face, for the fear of ruining their skin/allergic reactions. Well that's true considering daily face care products, as I would obviously not want to risk my face for a short term benefit of paying a cheap price.

However, when it comes to powdery makeup like eye shadows and brow pens which I would only use occasionally, I find that it isn't really worth getting something expensive which you wouldn't even know when the next time you'll be using it.

My mum got this eyeshadow palette from Daiso, the one at the Curve, for RM5. It even has the 6 popular colours which are commonly used among ladies.

The glass is abit blurry due to finger prints hehe.
It's like a compact, cheaper version of the Naked Palette.
For those of you who may not have heard of it before, this is how the Naked(2) palette looks like.

This is a clearer view of the colours.
Don't you think it's like the summarized version of the Naked(2) palette? 
Here, I've labelled the colours so that you can tell the difference between each colour.

Pardon my hairy hand hehe.
Not bad huh?
Another reason I know which stops people from buying cheap eye shadows when they come across one is because of the worry that the colour may not come out.
Or that the colour may fade/fall off after using it for awhile.
But as you can see, the colours are pretty pigmented, which is good enough for people like me who only wear eye shadows occasionally.

*Note* I put white shadow (6) as my base for the inner corner of both lids.
 How the colours turned out on my eyes.
The camera couldn't really capture the exact shade of the colours, but in reality, the colours were quite obvious to me.

Shhh, I know it's time to pluck my eyebrows and my skin has been pretty bad lately :(
Both sides.
Spot the difference haha!
The left side looks more dreamy, with the silver and grey shades, while the right side looks more natural with the brown and black shades.

This was another day with the eye shadow on but less eye liner, and without my contacts.
Looks pretty natural from afar.

As far as I'm concerned, I think they only sell this particular palette at the Curve.
I went to Sunway Pyramid the other day but I realised that branch didn't have it.

Oh yes and I know don't really do these kinda posts.. 
Mainly due to the reason I don't like my skin upclose on camera as I'm pretty tan and my skin condition has been pretty bad.

Ok, that's all!
Feel free to share if you have any good cheap eye shadows you've been raving about :)

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