Saturday, 19 July 2014

Hop Hop Cafe

Have you ever dreamt of having your meal with little bunnies at the side running around having their meal too? Well, this is what makes this place special so we decided to pay this place a visit last Thursday.

It is abit hard to tell whether the restaurant is opened becuase they closed up the middle section as you can see from the picture.
I almost got fooled into thinking they were closed.

 Now this is their main entrance.

 This was an older menu I got from google, but I thought it looked really cute and pretty so here it is.
For some reason, this isn't there anymore though.

Their current menus.
Not as pretty, but in exchange it has much more variety of food and drinks now.

 The Dog Bowl RM 12
Thick cut fries topped with cheese sauce and a choice of beef bacon or chicken ham, baked with love.

 Will you just look at this little bowl of goodness.
You'll never see dog bowls the same again.

We pulled and pulled and whoossh!
Look how far the cheese goes.
I found this dish delicious and oozing with flavour. The fries were seasoned which was probably why, but the best parts were definitely the melted cheese topping.

 Passion fruit Meringue Pie.
A golden pie crust with passion fruit filling topped with meringue.

 This meringue pie had a soft fluffy meringue which melted the minute it made contact with my tongue.
The filling had a burst of passion fruit flavour which was a pleasant experience, with the right amount of sweetness and sourness to go with pie crust.

 Summer Berries Mousse RM 12.50
Seasonal mixed berries layered with berry mousse and topped with a drizzle of berry sauce.

The berries were wonderful, and again the top part was the best accompanied with the mousse.
 However the mousse lacked the berry flavour which it claimed to have and by the end of it, we were left wondering if the portion could have been bigger.

 Bunny time!

Where the bunnies roam.

 Let me introduce you to my two favourites.
This is Mr. Fuzzy (I gave it a name, oh and a gender lol).
He has the coolest looking hair among the rest.

 And this is Mrs. Potter.
Somehow if this was a rabbit movie, she look like she would be a mummy rabbit.

 This had the biggest eyes and I couldn't help but to be reminded of Bugsy.
Who's Bugsy you ask?

This is Bugsy.
He is from Bedtime Stories.

My failed selfies with the bunnies.


It was a different and exciting experience to be able to dine here. The food was good, the desserts well made, and not to mention, the rabbits were adorable to watch.
But (there's always a but), I couldn't help wishing if they could have given a more generous portion considering their prices. I understand it's by animal lovers and for animal lovers, and they need the funds (I think) cuz I don't remember anywhere stating that during my visit, but a more reasonable pricing will definitely attract more people in the long run.

The variety food as a main meal was somewhat limited. The main food types on their menu were pastas, macaronis and fries. It was all mostly carbs, and that wouldn't really satisfy someone looking for some protein in their diet. 

The dessert section on the other hand had an interesting variety for you to choose from. They had all sorts of meringue pies and cakes, making it a wonderful place to spend your teatime.


7, JALAN SS18/6, Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opening hours: 
Sunday - Thursday: 10 am - 10 pm
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 11pm

Rabbit resting time:
12 pm - 1pm
3pm - 4pm
6pm - 7pm

Oh and I heard they are also looking for people to adopt these bunnies.
So if you're interested, hop on down to visit them!

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