Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Shopping Rants

Exams are finally over! And recently I've spent alot of time shopping. Not to mention the amount of money utilised as well.

Everytime it comes to exams it feels like I've been in a cave for too long and when everything is over, I feel like a deer who stepped in a village - it's a peribahasa literally translated to English (seperti rusa masuk kampung). 

It just means that you feel like you're in a new place and everything just seems magical to you because it's the first time you're seeing all these cool stuff like technology and etc.

What's wrong with me. I'm even teaching peribahasa now...

Back to my point, everytime I step into a shopping mall after my exams, it's as though everything seemed so nice and shiny, I just have to have it.

And in my head, I'd be mentally calculating what I "need", like 'oh I don't have a hat in this shade of black' or 'oh this hat looks much nicer than my hat, it makes my head look so small', and that is when you know you have the exact same colour hat as the shop and probably it looks the same as your hat to everyone else but you just know you got to buy it.

Ya feel ma feels?


I know I'm guilty for that LOL.

Trying out some jeans at Brands Outlet.
Did you know their jeans only cost RM 49.90 and it's super comfy??

Plus it flatters petite people really well!
You don't need to alter it because unlike most shops, their jeans are in the perfect length for petite people.

 What's fun without ice cream.

I look like I have evil thoughts for the man in black behind.

This picture clearly shows how much I need to start going back to the gym.
Look at my tummy. 

Ok stop looking at my tummy.

Just an outfit which I mixed and matched.
Only the cardigan was something I've never worn before.

Mad in love with these midi rings.
Especially the moon ring!
Got it all from H&M and their rings are the cheapest compared to Lovisa, Diva and other places!
You can get one set of midi rings for just RM 14.90.

Ok I'm gonna watch The Fault In Our Stars now!
I haven't read the book because.... why should I when everyone else have.
HAHA Ivena's logic -.-
Ok la and I knew they were making a movie out of it already, so I kinda didn't bothered.
Plus I hate it when they make movies that do not live up to the content of their books.
In other words, I was just saving myself from the disappointment.

It's like how I know 50 Shades of Grey- the movie, is coming out soon and I wouldn't read it. Just yet.
Maybe after the movie if it sucks heh.

 I'll talk about The Fault In Our Stars from a non-reader's point of view soon! :D

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