Sunday, 13 July 2014

I Hate Chicken Rice

So as you all know, I've been having exams lately. Last Monday was officially the start to my two-week-horror. Every kid hates exams, and no that's not a sweeping-statement. It's a general statement like how dogs love bones and unicorns love pooping on rainbows. You don't have to explain why but you just know it's true when you hear it. Like it's the kind of thing you hear where you don't even have to process that statement twice to even validate it's true.

If I'm even making sense to you. Lol but I hope I did.

Ok I had two papers on the first day of my exams. And it wasn't just any other paper, it was two of the most important subjects out of all the other subjects I had for this semester. To be frank, I know that most people (especially those who have taken A levels or SAM or etc before) are probably used to this and will be like 'k no big deal, I had two subjects almost everyday of my exams'

But I was never an A levels student nor was I EVER a scholar. I study Mass Comm for goodness sake and the sake of the future of all mankind. Seriously, I'll eliminate an entire race of living creatures in jeopardy without even knowing it, if I were to be an engineer, chemist or a doctor. And I think I speak for the majority of students taking this major. If you disagree, then cool, opinion respected.

Ok so you're probably like 'puhlease, so how hard can mass comm be?'. Well we have Social Psychology to begin with. Yea we have to study your brain first before we can communicate to the mass audience. Fine, we do not literally study your brain but we study theories from previous philosophers and how people react to messages. 

I'm just trying to point out that we actually do learn useful stuff in this highly misunderstood field of Mass Communication.

So I had this subject and another important subject (which has something to do with research) on my first day. I was studying the night before when suddenly I felt a discomfort in my tummy. I thought it was just a temporary kinda discomfort but I was wrong.

Before I knew it, I was hugging my toilet bowl and vomiting my lungs out. And I realised that it was the chicken rice my dad brought back home. As usual we keep leftovers in the fridge and I heated the chicken up. Half of it smelled a little sour so I threw away some and ate the rest which smelled alright, thinking there was nothing wrong with it.

How very wrong I was. I threw up continuously for the rest of the night until I vomited what seemed as just water. It was uncontrollable and what's worse was, I had diarrhoea while throwing up. 

Yea imagine that.
You're shitting on the toilet bowl half way and you're like oh no I feel like puking.

Mind blown.
I bet you never thought it was possible too.

Worse experience ever. And now I'm phobic towards chicken rice. 

Probably not gonna touch it for a year now. Oh and I missed my second exam that day thanks to the puking coming back and this time with dizziness.

Right now I'm just taking a break from studying. Wait. Actually I haven't even started haha.

And now I shall post pictures of myself.
Tadaaaa my outfit from quite some time ago.

In love with this beaded necklace/choker currently.
Got it a really long time ago as a gift but never really wore it out.

That's it!

Oh and please pray for Gaza :(
It's really heartbreaking to see how they're awaken in the morning with explosions and their loved ones being killed in front of them..
The situation is getting out of hand and two days ago, I saw a disturbing picture on my facebook timeline.
A dad was crying over his child who's head was half gone.
When I saw the picture, I almost teared.
I can't imagine this happening to my family or even someone I know.

We can't do much, but the least we can do is pray .

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