Friday, 25 July 2014

San Nae Deul & the Girls

Actually to be honest we had no intention in coming here. The only reason we drove all the way down to Empire Damansara and risked walking in their shady car park which looked like a scene from a horror movie, was to try this restaurant called Jekyll & Hyde.

Unfortunately they were closed.

Sad. Cry. Boohoo :'(

It was a Monday and it didn't strike our mind that some shops were usually closed on Monday after the busy weekend.

So we looked around for a decent place to eat and we came across San Nae Deul.
Now, I'll be very honest to tell you that I do not really know how to taste Korean food, so this won't be a review HAHA.
That's cuz no. 1 ~ I've never been to Korea before.
Give me one month in Korea and I'll learn straightaway, but as we all know Korean food in Malaysia is usually very 'Malaysian-ized'.

And from what I hear, people who go to Korea usually come back telling us that the food is really healthy and rather bland in taste.

Korean style instant noodles.

 Pork belly and squid set (I forgot the Korean name for this)
The squid was really generous in size as you can see, but the sauce can be abit too sweet for your liking.

 Sunny side up egg, seaweed and salad set (hehe I forgot the name too)

 All the side dishes which came for the BBQ set Venice ordered.

So much for a candid HAHA.
I was in actuality prepared smiling down at my food. 
Oh but you didn't need to know that.

The lovely Kristine.

 The gorgeous Nicole.

After awhile I decided to make the photos look more kawaii LOL. 
Since there's so many of it and it would be boring looking at each and every single one of it anyway.

 Attempt 1.

 Attempt 2.

 Attempt 3.
That sentence pretty much summed up my korean vocabulary.
Oh and I was the most daring at the last attempt, dumping all the cute funky stickers I could find on it.
So. Bad. Ass.

What I wore.

And we were reluctant to leave.
We were so happy because somebody actually paid for Kristine, Nicole and my meal.
He was an unknown stranger and we didn't even notice anyone else around us because we were talking and giggling so much.
This is probably a norm for most girls but it was my very first time experiencing this! 
Totally unexpected and it felt like I was in a movie.
So I couldn't help but feel flattered over this sweet gesture.

This just proved that the way to a girl's heart is apparently through her stomach as well haha!

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