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The Fault In Our Stars

This is just a my-kinda-style-of-review. Hehe so don't take it too seriously :) I will try not to spoil it for anyone yet to watch it! So read on! :D

The Fault In Our Stars was simple yet its ability to tug the heartstrings of many was impressive. Honestly, I wasn't expecting so much from a movie inspired by a romance novel like this. Because, many times the movie just doesn't turn out well.

Firstly, the actors were amazing in their portrayal of the two main characters - Hazel and Gus. They weren't made to look impeccably good, like how typical romance movies would naturally fashion their main characters. Ok if now you're thinking "Yer, then watch for what, if not good looking then how to tahan for 2 hours" (yes the movie is 2 hours and 5 minutes to be exact), well I have a very good answer.

Somehow, you'd be able to relate to the characters and find yourself liking them despite their looks. You'd inevitably find yourself looking past their physical attributes and more towards their character on screen. You'd be able to relate to them with their emotions and actions. And that is certainly not an easy feat for actors in such a role.

The storyline was NOT at all draggy for that entire 2 hours and 5 minutes of my life. The story was well developed and somehow even if you find yourself not understanding certain aspects of it, it will leave you in deep thought because everything actually makes a certain kinda sense.

The only criticism I have was on how their love started. I felt it was most certainly too fast and sudden, but perhaps that's the way it is in their culture. Lol I don't know, because as we all know love in cultural contexts are different everywhere. And in Malaysia, starting a relationship like that is just abit freaky haha.

In the beginning, it might also offend some audiences as they seem to mock Christianity a little. I did not really realise it until my friend pointed it out, hence watching this would require an open mind.

So this movie is also renowned for being a tear-jerker, as even the books itself made many people cry.

 I almost cried.


But I didn't. And I believe I know why. As we all know, certain movies have a reason for every tiny part it consists of. Everything in the parcel is simply important and with a missing part, it's as though having a perfect looking aircraft with a missing window glass panel. And although the plane can still probably fly, that missing glass panel with affect it's performance.

That was the exact same way I felt for this movie. I watched it at GSC in Setia City Mall, and to my dismay they completely cut an entire scene whereby both of them were supposed to declare their love.

Ahem. If you know what I mean.

They were supposed to be intimate, like how normal couples would be and NOPE sorry Malaysians, we're just not gonna get it in our cinemas.

 It should have just been an 18PL movie but they made it PG13 so that the younger audiences would be able to savour this movie. But it is ignorant as certain times, intimacy is needed to portray what the characters are going through or have gone through.

I'm not saying that the cinema should be a senseless prick and just show all obscenity on screen, but be mindful of the adult audiences as well as the young. As adults, people are able to articulate and filter what they see.

OK the next paragraph is abit of a spoiler as it sums the entire story up so ignore the entire paragraph if you haven't watched it yet.

So I actually didn't get the full-on message whereby 'Hazel and Gus have done MANY things together, including being intimate together, and went through many hardships, yet they can't be together because of illness'.

It was just an important aspect to the movie I felt which was underrated in Malaysian cinemas, because it shows the vulnerability and gentleness of both main characters. And this is certainly something that many people who are in a relationship (at the average age above 16 in Malaysia lol), can relate to.

To conclude, the movie was memorable, well-developed and just a simple love story at heart which actually reminds audiences to appreciate even the smallest things we have in life which we tend to overlook.

We might have something which some people might never be able to get - Life.

Who Should Watch It?

If you're about to puke after reading what I wrote then no, this isn't a movie for you. It's for those of you who like romance and are able to appreciate something without guns and action. Even if you're not a fan of romance, but can sit through a movie without fighting and stuff, then you might want to give this a go! :)

 Some of the quotes you can find in TFIOS.
The quotes are pretty meaningful and well written.

There were so many cool pictures on this movie I just had to compile the ones I liked best LOL and I'm aware this entry has alot of words so hopefully it'll help you pull through reading till this point :P

Note. I'm not a hardcore fan of the book as I haven't even read it yet, but this is my take on the movie :) Haven't watched a well executed romance movie for a while now so this was definitely refreshing.

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