Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Trip To myBurgerLab

Many of you guys who fancy burgers have probably heard of this place and even braved the long queues for more than once, just for a taste of their burgers. I must admit that this was the first burger place I've actually tried, before the burger craze got... crazy. Unfortunately, I did not take much pictures the first time I was there because by the time my burger came I just felt like I haven't eaten in days.

So like any person who hasn't eaten in days, my first instinct was: to attack.
Not camwhoring, nor flaunting the food up on Instagram and hashtagging foodporn.

I only remembered to take pictures after that. And there was pretty much nothing left of my meal other than my slightly burnt fries.

This time, I went to BurgerLab prepared! I got lost on the way though, but nevermind about it. I finally managed to reach there 45 minutes later.

I reached around 5.45pm and the queue was still pretty bearable. When I say bearable, I meant nobody had to line up outside but the line was till the front entrance. 
The entire place was packed already with practically no tables left, but luckily for me, my friends arrived at 5pm so they got a table effortlessly.

The last time I was here, I tried their Beautiful Mess. I did not dare venture out into their crazy whacky burgers. However, this time round I felt extremely adventurous. God knows why. So I decided to try their latest Zoidberger! 
It was new in the menu and it sounded really interesting.

Feel the Zoid. 
I don't even know what that means.

It consists of garlic butter prawns, a beef Patty, fish curry mayo, blueberry jam, and rempenyet.
Rempenyet as you can guess is that crunchy thing up there with anchovies and peanuts sticking out of it.

When I first hear about blueberry jam in their burgers, I was like no way. No way in hell and back will I ever try that. 

But to my delight, I'm glad I did try it after all. I can't even describe how well the sweetness of the jam blends with the other unique flavours in this burger. It's like an Acapella happening in the burger. Every ingredient they used for this burger was as if it was made to be harmonized. From the crunchiness of the cracker to the delicious twist of seafood flavour which the prawns contributed. The burger wasn't too wet either as everything stuck together pretty well, which made it quite a pleasantly neat experience for me there.

What my friends ordered:

 The Hangover.
It's made out of a hashbrown, maple syrup and mushrooms.
For my friend's case, it was without mushrooms.
That's why the burger looks so flat lol.

 The Beautiful Mess.
My rookie burger.
This burger is a safe bet as it consists of fried portabello mushrooms, a sunny side up, and also sharp cheddar.
So if you're not that adventurous with burgers and prefer them classic, this would be your burger.

 The A++.
This burger consist of cheddar, caremelised onions, Shitake & Enoki mushrooms, and Parmesan crisps.
The Parmesan crisps tasted superb and I just couldn't help it but to steal a little from my sister.
Actually she didn't even know since I was supposed to take-away this burger home for her.

And this cute fat green thing is called The Hulk.
It has fried avocado, swiss cheese topped with a sunny-side up, green salsa and Kombu mayo to seal it's taste.
I would say this burger is pretty cool. 
Who'd ever think of putting avocados in burgers?



Best burger face forward.

So this was the crowd there.

If there was an award for the most creative burger joint in Malaysia, BurgerLab would totally bag it. I have to give it to them that they really have the weirdest burgers with the most extraordinary taste. The thing is BurgerLab's burgers are not weird for the sake of being weird, like how some burger places are probably infamous for. 
Their's are really the first and probably only burger joint I see around here with such wild ingredients in their burgers, which are able to actually create a rich and sinful blend of  flavours altogether.

However there were a few minor things that can be improved in their burgers. Personally I did not really like the burger patty. The patty was rather crumbly and it was falling apart at the other end as I was eating. And usually the reason behind crumbly patties are either because the meat they used are too fine or too dry. The taste of the patty alone was pretty bland, which again is not my preference when it comes to eating a good burger. 

Their service was alright, but I encountered this one staff which was rather rude and impatient with me. Oh well, observing the amount of customers they have everyday, I guess when there's so many people to serve it gets a little frustrating.

The price of the burgers are certainly abit more on the expensive side. My burger alone cost me RM 18.50 and my tummy wasn't really full after eating it. Adding a set to your meal will cost you another RM6.

 A random lady with her Waterballoon.

Look what I found. Hahahha

Nonetheless, BurgerLab is certainly worth trying because there are no other joints out there which can compete with it's creativity and superb understanding of the human taste bud. In fact, it takes burgers to a whole new level of modernization but with the same, great classic taste. This place is definitely for the adventurous burger seekers. 

Do not fret if you prefer classic burgers though. There are a few which are pretty tasty without having any funky ingredients or sauces in it.
Another plus point which I would like to add to this never-ending list of plus points, would be that myBurgerLab welcomes everyone! And when I say everyone I meant EVERYONE. 

The food here is halal, and what's more, they even have vegetarian burgers! So even vegetarians can enjoy their crazy burgers :)

The next time I go back there, I'm gonna try their Fat Elvis for real!
I'll be back.

The things we do for BurgerLab. LOL
Really had fun with all of them as they jakun-ted with me throughout our eating session.

How to get there?

It's located at Jalan 21/22, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It's just next to this clinic called Klinik Tan, and you'd see a petrol station called Petron near it. ‎

Oh and a little note to those who are interested in going. 
This is the line at 7.30pm at ordinary days.
So I would advise you guys to head on here earlier as there will be less people :)

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