Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Sky Can Fall While I Lay Here

Alright so there's no reason for me to not blog since it is my holidays. Moreover, it's not like I have anywhere else to go :(

I'm stuck at home but my heart wants to fly to KL and be with all the happy shoppers raving over discounts and sale items. At first,  I really planned to go down to the city today to shop with my friends till I drop.
I mean it's the perfect time of the year with literally every shop having the word 'sale' written all over their windows and walls.
Plus I usually can't buy anything during non-sale periods, as everything is just too darn pricey and not worth that sum of money. So obviously now is the time for me to take advantage of the situation!!! Spending spree... Whhheeeeee~
And then probably deprive myself from shopping for 3 months afterwards, as I'd be broke by then.

Unfortunately, all my friends are either busy with something, or have already been there the previous weeks. Leaving them broke. Figuratively speaking.

Which leaves me, alone at home. Again.

So since I'm so free now. I shall show the world my latest addition to my shoe collection!!!
If you've been reading my posts, you'd know that I suddenly had an obsession towards booties and shoes which look like booties but are not called booties. Lol.

I've been looking everywhere for affordable ones which are nice and comfy at the same time. Cuz apparently the original Dr. Martens and Jeffrey Campbell's are friggin expensive to begin with. Oh and in case you don't know who they are and did not read my last post, here are some of their creations:

Dr. Martens.

Of course those shown above are not the only designs Dr. Martens have.
They also have high-heeled booties like this one.

Jeffrey Campbell's.

These look like the platform version of boots but there's a really special name to it.
They're called Litas :D
If you already knew that, yaaaay you! 
Give yourself a pat on the back and a peck on the cheek.

As you can see, these shoes make your legs look a mile long.
Which short people like me can evidently use a lot more of.
This is undeniably a fashion staple for all those people out there who think they're short.

In this world, nobody is short or ugly. 
It's just a state of mind.

So this was what I recently got. 
Actually it's been awhile since I've gotten it... like 3 months back?
 But 'recently' sounds better in a sentence compared to saying ''So I got this a long long time ago''.
I'm crapping again so just ignore me and look at my babes.

I got this for only RM33! 
Great deals great deals.
What's more, it has a furry and soft insole.
Super comfy!

 I got this at this bloghsop called Agape boutique.
It was for RM65 if I'm not wrong.
I love the spikey studs sooo much.
 I kinda regret ordering a size 35 cuz although it fits perfectly, you can't really walk long in it without feeling like you feet is stuck in prison with 10 inmates.

So if you're planning to get boots online (only boots and not other types of shoes), I really suggest you get them a size or two bigger. Their measurement table is quite accurate and would probably fit well for heels and pumps, as it requires accurate sizing for the straps to not run.
But for boots and creepers I guess it's a little different as it wraps your entire feet and surely your feet needs space to breathe :)

Oh if you're wondering where to get Litas, well honestly they haven't really been made available in Malaysian stores. And the only way to get your hands on them are through online blogshops.

Right now I'm still waiting for my Litas. Which would probably never come. Ever. Sigh
Yes a few days ago I said I got cheated and all on Twitter, well it's because of this.
I ordered two pairs of  Litas (one for my friend and the other for me) from this trustworthy-looking blogshop. I say it's trustworthy-looking because it has been running for a few years and it wasn't like a newly opened one or anything like that. Plus there seem to be quite a few hundred people who liked their not-very-active FB page.

I emailed the person personally and she replied to all my enquiries. As usual, preorders would require customers to pay first before they make their orders. Hence, that's exactly what I did.
She said it will arrive in two weeks. 

Two weeks later I emailed her to ask whether the shoes are here since she did not get back to me. She said she contacted the factory and the factory told her that the shoes were going to arrive yesterday, but it didn't. So she told me that it was probably cuz she ordered a too small amount of shoes and the factory did not prioritize her. In my head, I kinda understood where she was coming from so I told her to just inform me when the shoes really did arrive.

Patiently waiting for another two weeks, still no news. I emailed her again. After that, I don't know what made me do what I did, but I just mindlessly typed in her blog address in my add bar and hit enter. I guess it was out of curiosity and I just wanted to make myself feel better by looking at the picture of the Litas again, and tell myself it was gonna be worth the wait.

The blog was removed.

I flipped.

I was surprised, shocked, confused, and then MAD.
WTHECK those invisible shoes were 75 bucks for goodness sake.
I then emailed her asking whether her website was down, FB messaged her why was it down, and then furiously wrote another email to her after she did not reply in three days.

Till today. I have no news, no nothing. No email from her at all -.-
You wanna cheat me also tell me you've cheated me la, I don't like to be left hanging like that.

I keep hoping that this will turn out to have a good ending like some tv movie and that she'd realise how guilty she felt and finally decide to turn around and start giving the money to charity and repaying her customers double the price they've paid. Then kill herself.
LOL. Just kidding about the last part.

Sighhhh. Here I am now.

Oh and since her website is not gonna be back up anytime soon anyway, I'm just gonna tell the world the name of her blogshop.


One thing I've learned through the hard way (as usual) is always get the blogshop's HP number. Sure there is still a risk but at least it's minimised.

Oh and sorry for the lengthy post. Read it like a storybook :D

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