Sunday, 28 July 2013

Three types of Friends in Generation Y

Today I'm gonna blog about this issue which is becoming increasingly annoying. Not only to me but to many people who have experienced it before.

Yes. My title says it all.

The three types of friends are Virtual friends, Non-virtual friends and Real friends.

These days in the 21st century where having an account in an online social network is typical of everyone, there tend to be the problem where you don't know who your real friends are anymore.
I'm not complaining about the people on FB who random adds me, in fact I do appreciate every single one of my friends online. But I'm just bringing up this issue where some people actually think that everybody who likes their profile pictures are real friends.

Probably half of them are. But the other half just adds everybody and anybody who interest them aesthetically, just for a little sneak peak at their daily lives. 

Just recently, this happened to me:
Yes I got mistaken for an Evon.
If this person could've just open his eyes a little, he'd realise my name is friggin up there above the convo -.-
Who in their right mind does this???
Wanting to chat with somebody and then calling the somebody some other name.
As much as you'd like to rename me, you're not my father. Thank you very much.

Online Retard LVL999999999999

The thing is, there are three types of friends I realised we generally all have.

1.Virtual Friends

They treat you really nicely on the net, commenting on your every picture and liking probably every single one of your photos.
These people to me are the least of my problems, as they're pretty nice. And to be honest you do need a few nice people online occasionally. But what bothers me the most is when some of them finally see you in reality, they just pretend to not see you and walk away. I've had experiences where I've wanted to say hi but the person just makes it completely and utterly impossible, by not even making any eye contact with me.

Sure, I know everybody has that fear of: "what if we make eye contact and our virtual relationship is doom-ified??" And then the logical conclusion comes later on: "So I shall not risk it and pretend that the grass on the ground really interests me more than anything else in this world"

The worse part is when you already started waving. 
With such confidence they will wave back.
And then you get ignored.

I hate that feeling. That's the shittiest feeling a total stranger can give you.
Therefore, virtual friends are basically people who are ONLY your friends when you're online and logged onto FB.

Moral of the story is, there's no point in waving to them or giving them any form of real life acknowledgement unless you're willing to jump out of nowhere and get into their faces and say hi to them.

Even so, you must be willing to accept the consequences where they can either :
a. Say hi back
b. Give you the awkward stare and walk away, with a smirk.
c. Be nice and say hi. Then unfollow you on any social network you're present in.
d. Punch you in the face.

So why risk it? LOL
Not to be a bad example, but I'm doing a huge favour here fighting awkwardness and saving people who are socially challenged (like me) through my years and years of experience. Embarrassing experiences which I don't think any living being would ever EVER want to re-encounter.

2. Non-Virtual friends 

Non-virtual friends are people who are the complete opposite of Virtual Friends. They are your friends and acquaintances in real life, but not so much till they wanna follow you on any Social Network for that matter. You both say hi to each other in real life but the funny thing is, as how all humans can be so funny, they don't even bother to add you up in their virtual posse of friends.
Honestly, these are the people who bother me the most. Its like yea I think we're good, I think we can get the ball rolling to infinity and beyond. And then when you follow them on Instagram or Twitter.

But you realise they didn't follow you back. And you go thinking, nah maybe they will tomorrow. The day after. Next week. Next month. Next year. How bout next century when I become America's Next Top Model.
Slowly, you come to your senses that they're perfectly active. Perfectly friggin active on every online account they're running but there's something missing...

So you try to seek a little attention, cuz maybe their notifications got flooded by too many requests, they just did not see you. *rolls eyeballs* And you do that by commenting on their pictures/tweets.

However on that faithful day, everybody but you was replied.

Sounds familiar?
You'd either really relate very well to what I just said or prolly start to hate me cuz you feel insulted due to the reason you 'terasa' (feel the guilt).

The thing is, these people are like those of what we call in Chinese : wang en fu yi.
And the English definition I got from of it is: Ungrateful, to kick a benefactor in the teeth.

I'm talking bout those people whom you treat nicely and give compliments to in reality. Those whom you have worked with for group assignments, where you probably totally covered his/her ass in most aspect of it. It sucks when virtual reality kicks in and you realise the person treats you no more than a random person in school or college. I guess these people will be forever labelled as the "i'm-too-cool-for-you" bunch.

Honestly, I follow and add everyone I know. Well unless their accounts are the type where they just create it and leave it to collect dust, not posting anything at all. Sorry I don't cover that lol. And if you realise I'm not following you though we've talked more than thrice in real life, just notify me and forgive me *gives biggest smile possible*

Moral of the story is, just do the world some charity and unfriend/ unfollow the damn person. Not worth your bloody stinking time waiting for that follow back :) Maybe the person will start realising the importance of your presence when you're rich and famous in the near future. Hence, STUDY SMART!

3. Real Friends

No one needs a description for real friends. We know one when we meet one. These are the friends who are actually the combination of Virtual and Non-Virtual friends. They are the ones who treat you nicely in real life and also in the virtual world. They are the ones you can count on, who are not pretentious and looking for benefits in your friendship.
Oh and they won't mistake you name for someone else's. Just saying.

 Ok so some of them might not even have an FB account, but don't get me wrong cuz that doesn't mean they're anything less than a real friend. Some of them are probably not an online savvy like you, and doesn't go updating their FB every single day, but again that doesn't mean they are not a real friend to you.

I won't elaborate too much on Real Friends because every human being has the capability of detecting and sensing one. It's just common sense really. Furthermore, qualities of real friends are quite subjective  to talk about and it may vary from different people.

Well that ends my rant on the three types of friends Generation Y would come across. I hope this was useful and that I've managed to help some people understand the type of friends they have.

It's perfectly normal that you feel cheated by people who are especially under the category of Non-Virtual friends, but don't get too upset about it. Everyone has them :)

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