Monday, 15 July 2013

Life's a Celebration

Last Friday night, we had a surprise birthday party for Jou. Plus it's my first time being involved in a Surprise Birthday Party! :D

Yes, my life has been quite party-less lately. Ever since the McD and A&W birthday parties phase passed... Coming to think of it, my life at 9 years old was much more happening compared to now. How could this be?!

I sound like a retired-used-to-be-once-the-life-of-a-party-but-not-anymore-old-aunty telling my story. I guess cuz nowadays people just can't seem to throw a real party without booze or getting drunk. It's so annoying that when people mention the word partying, I can't seem to stop visualizing that person old and wrinkly with a beer belly at the age of 50.

Party to that when you're 50, suckaaaaaa.

Lol joking.

But you get my point, parties are not really parties these days. It's all about getting drunk and then laid and then getting a hangover. Yep, that's pretty much it. Hate to sound like a party-pooper, but I'd rather sound like a nun than pretend I love the idea of it.

This birthday party was not actually planned or initiated by me, but one of my other guy friend who, ok long story short, kinda had a crush on her before and then made it awkward and then regretted, and now trying to redeem himself. Basically, this party was planned in hope that both of them could still be friends like before and erase all the awkwardness which ever happened.

He planned it in this place which all of us have never heard of before. Like ever. Apparently he knew the owner of the restaurant so I forgive him for that. It was pretty far away from my home I'd say, as I took about 1 hour to pick up the birthday girl, and another half an hour in search of this magical place which never existed to us till that faithful day. 

Waste of petrol. Sigh.

Worse of all, I never expected the restaurant to be in the middle of a highway. Ok maybe not the middle but at the side of it, next to a huge ass furniture shop. I thought it was placed at a business centre (where normal restaurants would normally be placed) surrounded by other shops and restaurants. 

Finally, we reached at around 7.45.. and the food was all served on the tables already. It was quite sad to see that there were only 5 of us, including me, who came for it. There was supposedly 15 people invited but more than half FFKed. Two more people were actually on the way. But they ended up from Kota Damansara to Sungai Buloh. 
And it was already 8.15pm, so they did not manage to make it either. 

Again, the location's fault.

There was so much food prepared, I regret not bringing my dogs. The food was really not bad :D They had chicken wings, beef slices, onion rings, spagetthi, shepherd's pie, fish and chicken fingers, and even ice cream with pudding. But unfortunately we did not even manage to finish half of it. Luckily the host dabao-ed (takeaway) everything back, including 3 quarts of the red velvet cake. Cuz at least the food wouldn't go to waste, right?

 The gorgeous birthday girl :)

 Teamwork to take away the wax on the cake heh.


Professional cake cutter, balancing the cake upon his knife.
Something I'd probably have to take 3 years of training before I can do it.


And more selfies hahahahaha.

 TADAAAA *ignore the dark eye circles, it's a college statement that you've been studying*
 I think I should put eyeliner more. In fact I should start putting makeup.
But I'm sooooooo lazy lol.
The process of putting it on and removing it just makes me feel like studying Sejarah.
Ok no I was not serious about the studying part.

Although the party was just a makan session, it turned out alright I guess. Glad to know so many funky people around, making my life a tad more interesting again hehe. 
Oh and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOU EE! Bet you didn't see this coming did you ngeh ;DD

I think I'm deprived of parties. I think I'm currently needy.
So yea if you're feeling generous you can kindly extend an invitation to me hahahahaa.
NAWWWW I'm kidding. Psssshhh I'm not that desperate. 

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