Saturday, 13 July 2013

Catch Up Sessions With The World & More

Back to life.

Exam's are finally over!!!!!!!!! As you can prolly guess. Phew. Really really thank God that the exam questions this time weren't too far off from the tips given. Well there were a few retarded moments I had, where I actually knew the answer but did not understand the exam question.
Yes. What a living bummer I can be.

Oh well, what's past is the pass. Right after my exam on Wednesday, I decided to go watch Despicable Me 2! :D

Actually I was pretty excited about the movie even before my final  when I was studying. God knows why haha.
It was like I just couldn't wait to see the minions. Like how cute can they actually be, cuz I have not got to watch the first part of Despicable me. Especially since it was like a Minion-fangirl craze out there --

When people heard that McD came out with Minion toys.

Never understood why till I got a glimpse of Despicable Me 2.

*Mini Spoiler Alert*

They were sooooooooo adorable haha and I realised I didn't even know their gender  -.-" I say this because some I thought they were all male at first and then like half way through there were a few of them who liked dressing up as girls. So some of them were quite feminine and they even put on wigs (super funny, not to mention cute again ;D) and then there was one who had a crush on this super tall girl. Definitely a male.

Ok conclusion is, they're so cute you don't even need to know their gender/sexual orientation.

Male or Female? HEHE

*No more spoilers here. You can stop hiding behind your pillows now.*

As I mentioned above, the reason I only got a 'glimpse' of this epic movie was because unfortunately the cinema's projection was having some technical issues :( So I kinda wasted my time there with my friends watching them replay the movie three times. After the 4th time the screen blacked out, almost the entire cinema was empty as everyone was already super pissed and they were lining up outside demanding for a refund.

Well we did not get a refund but we got something better than that. We each got tickets entitled to one movie, which were valid for whatever movie we wanted, whichever kinda seat we wanted, and it was valid for 2D and even 3D as well! All we had to do was pick the movie we wanted within the month of July.

Lol and the best part was we only paid RM9 for it, cuz it was student's price.

Not bad at all but I'm definitely gonna watch Despicable Me 2 in 3D. Hehe and then I can watch the MINIONS COME TO LIFEEEE!
Then on Thursday, I finally got to meet up with my long-lost-bestie-whom-I-tell-her-everything-and-even-the-stupidest-things-too, from high school. Life's good for her ever since she went to Perth to study. Except the fact that she left all of us behind. :(

Oh well everyone's leaving anyways, it's just sooner or later.

We decided to go to Bangsar. Like after so many times of hearing about it from my friends and all, this was the first time I've ever been there with a friend. We went to Antipodean (as you can guess already) for lunch!

So much varietyyyy!
I got this picture off the net.
Cuz I was too paiseh to take a picture of their menu as the whole place was practically full of people when I was there.

 What my friend ordered.
Mushroom cream pasta or something.
You see those blobs of white stuff on the pasta?
It's sour cream.
It was really creamy, and the mushrooms gave a very strong smell to it.
So if you really love cream and mushrooms, this would totally be your thaaaang.

 I ordered the Kiwi Lamb Burger.
I was quite disappointed when I saw no kiwi fruits on my burger xD
The portion was huge, with the fries and salad, but the burger was just... 
Well, a burger.
The patty was a little too soft so it kinda crumbled abit halfway through.
Overall both were super filling.

 Adventure time.

Then we went to Mid Valley and did some window-shopping. So many nice stuff, so little cash. We ended up not buying anything. Well one of the reasons were cuz shops like Forever 21 had so many nice clothes but without any small sizes left.

I so love her hair now.
It's like in this pretty shade of reddish brown.

 And I finally got to try their latest drink which had white chocolate pudding in it.
Plus we got a buy one free one voucher after getting this.
I loooove Ramadhan season!

Well we finally took a picture together since we did not take any last year when Megan was back. I mean it wasn't that we did not want to take pictures, but it did not even cross our minds.

So much can change within a year. I never liked taking pictures last year or the previous years, cuz I never felt pretty or good looking enough to appear in a photo.

Alright I still feel this way, but now I finally understand the significance of camwhoring.

People might think that: OH WHAT AN L.O.A.

But in truth, it doesn't really matter what other people think about your pictures, because it all comes down to you who make your own memories and you who make your own mark.

Not them.

Taking ugly pictures are better than not taking any at all. At least you'll leave a trace of existence to tell others your story.

At least you'd have that opportunity of looking back in photo albums and laugh at all the little things you did.

I always thought that only beautiful people were worthy enough for the camera. But the truth is, everyone was made beautiful in their own way, in their own imperfections, in their own appearance.
This is getting corny but if we don't treasure our lives, our experiences and all the little things we've done... Who else will?

Definitely not your grandma.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is... Leave Your Mark :)
Right now at this very moment. Don't let anything precious pass you anymore without even knowing.

Pictures are the things which tell our stories when there's nothing left of us.

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