Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Eyebrows. The Pain of Having a Pair

I kinda had a bonding session with my mum today, unknowingly. We went to Sunway Pyramid early in the morning for an appointment at Bluunis. Well I finally experienced what plucking your eyebrows felt like.

It was horrible.

The pain was as if millions of fire red ants just decided to crawl on your brows, lay eggs and bite you non stop and all you can do is tear. Inside your eyelids. Since you can't even open your eyes.

I was actually praying the whole time while the beautician was plucking my eyebrows. It felt like she was ripping my entire eyelid off rather than mere little hair. That was the moment I realised that every single woman on this planet deserved a round of applause.
For going through all these pain just for the pursuit of beauty. Actually this is more like making one's self look better, and is not even at the stage qualified to be called 'the pursuit of beauty', if you know what I mean lol.

So yes, after today, I still can't believe that this had been practised even since ancient times ago. I wonder who was the asshole who came up with this solution of making the brow neater -.- 
Seriously, who in the world could have been that free and picked up the tweezers (if it even existed then) and wonder whether brow plucking feels nice? 
Even if you were born  in ancient years before women started wearing pants and all, there was a reason why activities such as embroidery, writing and shopping were created right??

Why in the devil would you go do something as funky as PLUCK YOUR FRIGGIN EYEBROWS?

I mean why didn't unibrows become the definition of beautiful instead? I mean that would have saved us so much trouble. All we'd ever have to do is buy a  black Sharpie and draw a line across.
If you're blonde then a yellow Sharpie.
If you're red then a red Sharpie. 
And so on.

Seeeeeee? Sharpie provides for all hair colours! 

Ok maybe you need a little help with visualizing such a glorious image.

okay what. Just look at her go...
I mean at least you won't forget her face right.
Girls like to complain about being not attractive enough to stay in a guy's mind.

Asians also can.

Blonde but want black brows?
No problem!
Ok cmon they don't look that bad. 
If you can just tilt your head to the right a little, ok maybe alot, and then just squint your eyes till it forms two lines, and maybe tilt your screen abit to the other side...
Attractive rightttt
The face of an angel beaming down at you.

Sigh, what could've been will now never be. *covers face and sobs*

So I admit I surrendered to society's notion of looking reasonably neat. Which was the only reason I did it -.-  

Because apparently...

To sum it up, eyebrows can actually make or break your looks. No matter how good looking you are. In other words it can 'potong your stim' when looking at a supposedly pretty girl. 
With horrible brows.

I guess as much as I hate to admit it, my face looks neater after the whole tiresome process :( My eyebrows were really red though after it. Hope it gets better tomorrow. 
Ok maybe I should be more optimistic about it. HEY MY BROWS ARE BLUSHING, WANNA TAKE A CASUAL LOOK AT HOW IT'S DOING?

Maybe not.
Sigh. The things we girls do for guys.


Get a clearer picture? 
My pride is wounded from posting such fugly faces of me.

Kay I shall go about minding my own business now. BYEEE :D
Or rather..    |:D

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