Monday, 2 September 2013

Independence // San Nae Deul

The past few days, which were also the last few days left of my semester break, was crazily jam packed. As you guys know (or do you?), last Saturday was MERDEKA :')

Ok I'm not that patriotic but hey, it's my country and I was born here. So I figured that beneath this carefree, doesn't-give-a-shit-about-my-country facade, I was actually really grateful. I know that there are probably other "better" countries on earth to live on such as those which are first-world countries. But well,  the kids there have probably never even seen a real fish before besides the chunk of fish fillet laid out for them.

At least that was what a fellow New Zealander, who happened to be a very close friend of my parents, told us. I couldn't believe my ears when he also mentioned how the young kids there drew a fish fillet when asked to draw a picture of a fish. 
I'm not saying that ALL first-world countries are like that, but apparently some are.

Besides that, I'm really grateful that I was born and brought up in Malaysia, where caning children when they misbehave, isn't considered as child abuse. 
God knows how I'd turn out to be if not for all these values planted in me.

Just saying.. mmm

I'm Malaysian and I'll continue to contribute to my country for the better as long as I'm here. You, Malaysia, have given us citizens a beautiful place to live on, and also kept us safe and alive for so long, protecting us from so many natural disasters.Although in the near future I might have to go overseas for studying or even migration purposes, I will never forget my roots. 

I'm also aware of the ups and downs we, the citizens, have faced through the many years staying here. How years have gone by with the country's leaders not doing a good job, taking the people's money, and using it for themselves instead of using the money for a better Malaysia. 
Oh and it doesn't stop there. 
But I refuse to let all these dirty politics ruin my country, and my sentiment towards it.

I'll always be a Malaysian.

I cooked my dinner on Merdeka night! :D So proud of myself. It was kinda like my first time if you do not count cooking eggs and microwaving sausages as cooking.

Guess what I cooked?


 Medium cook.
My mum just told me how long I was supposed to cook it for and voilaaaa...
I was really lazy to prepare a mushroom sauce to compliment the meat.
So I skipped that part haha.
Oh well, it still tasted good.

I know it looks abit disgusting here since the picture smeared lol.
My mum thought of me when she bought this, because I always loved cold mooncakes, aka bing pei.
It tasted ok I guess.
Tasted more of lotus paste than the berry yoghurt flavour it claimed to have.
But the price of it, just because of the two mice in the middle, was ridiculous!
It was RM13 after a 20% discount.


I went for lunch at Oasis Square again in conjuction of my sissies birthday in advance. Unfortunately, we kinda chose the wrong place to dine. 

This place was called..

 This is the menu, and as you can see its super pricey.

 Kimchi soup.
Too diluted.

 Ribs served with rice.
Biting it was a terrible experience for my parents.

 This was the only best thing that happened there.
We practically had 5 rounds of refill for this, just so our tummies will be filled

Portions too small :(

Just don't ever come here unless you are planning to throw your money away.
I sound like some cranky bitch trying to defame this place with all my whining, but I just want to save people from all the hassle and not to mention, a bad experience.
If the quality of taste was on par with the price it cost, then I wouldn't mind and would probably say it was a good try. 
Unfortunately, it wasn't :(

 What I wore that day.
Actually the only reason I took this picture was cuz I saw the scenery looked pretty decent and that it would be a waste if I didn't :P

Now I'm wondering what to give my sissie on her actual birthday. Hmmm. Hope I find something tomorrow!
Thats all for now :)

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