Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Sister's First Holy Communion // Rakuzen

Last Saturday was my baby sister's first time being able to receive the Eucharist during mass! Mind you, it's quite a big catholic thing. So if you're clueless now on what I'm talking about, the Eucharist is actually the 'bread of life' we, Catholics, receive during mass, which is a reenactment of the Last Supper when Jesus offered bread and wine to his disciples.

 If you still don't get it then... Google is your answer my friend! :D

This is an example of how the Eucharist looks like.
Haha over-enthusiastic Christian here.

My baby sister is 10 years younger than me (yesh I'm gonna be an old hag soon). And whenever there's a big event or celebration where she is finally old enough to be part of it, it becomes like a wake up call to me. I start to see again how time is flying by and how it waits for nothing to just pass you by. 

When I was younger, I never really liked my baby sister. I felt that she was annoying, and I couldn't forget what she did to me when I was around 13, the time where I was going through a hard time accepting the fact my body was changing.

She made the experience much worse and maybe I'm just a sensitive person. But it was also so hard because I was the eldest and I felt I was in this alone. No one knew how much I hated being the eldest. Every shit that happened had to come my way first before it went any further. I felt like a guinea pig most of the time.

But this year, we ultimately kinda got along. And I felt a huge surge of relief. I always thought she was gonna hate me and kill me one day in the future o_o  
Ok fine. This syndrome where you think everybody is gonna find a reason to kill you is called ToomuchofCriminalMinds.

On a serious note, I felt a relief that we eventually both learned to treat each other better and also accept the flaws we have. In this 19 years of my life, I have finally come to appreciate her existence and am even thankful for her :')

 The blur part is my aunt's finger LOL.
Anyways I like how I look so big here xD

 Because in reality I'm actually only this small compared to the rest of my family.

After mass, we went to Rakuzen for a hearty dinner, as per my baby sis's request. 
Yea, so young but so demanding haha. 

This is the best I tell you.
Your trip to Rakuzen will never be complete unless you try this waffle ice cream sandwich.

The food here are all superb.
Rakuzen is definitely my current fav Japanese restaurant.
The portion size is not bad, and even able to fill someone with such a big appetite, like me, up!
The price on the other hand is not that costly as well for such a big meal.
My set was about RM30 plus, which is quite reasonable as a simple meal in Bangsar can even go up to that price without filling your tummy. 
On top of that, their lunchtime set menu is cheaper than the dinnertime set!
But of course, I would recommend only Oasis Square's Rakuzen as my parents tried the branch in Empire before and it was pretty disappointing.
Different branches = Different chefs

Outfit for the night.
Off shoulder top from Fblock.
Bodycon skirt from Times Square or anywhere at all, really.
Vintage Sachs Leather Bag - my mum's. 

The long flowy back of my top was actually the main reason I bought it.
I thought I looked like a fairy lol.

Ending with a picture of my baby sis :)

Till next time! :D

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