Thursday, 2 January 2014


I really don't know what to think. It's another year. And one can't only help but wonder what would lie in store for them.

I've got an annoying love-hate relationship with New Year Resolutions, and this year I just haven't got around to list out anything on solid paper - I wanted alot of things, ok I do still want alot of things.

Well here's why I kinda love it but kinda hate resolutions at the same time. Each year, after listing everything I want down, there would always be a feeling of pride on finally setting my heart to something. And because of that, it feels like you actually have a purpose in life which leads to the feeling of joy and self-love *pats self on back*.

But as the months slip by, January, February, March and all the way till December, you slowly forget the existence of whatever you penned down at the beginning of the year. 

Although the knowledge of you scribbling a few words down with something more or less to do with your 'resolutions' is still avid in your memory, you choose to not even think about it's content.

You choose to forget it.

Because you realised whatever which got you pumping with adrenaline while writing those never ending checklists as resolutions, was long gone.

Then, a new year comes along and ultimately, you are confronted with the fact which you got no where close achieving whatever you tried to do (or tried listing down in hopes you'd get around to it magically).

Most people would probably choose to ignore and forget the thought of it again, with the annual tagline -"This year will be better!".

Poof. And everything is forgotten, all sins are forgiven, all mistakes are corrected, by the wonderful power of the Self.

 And it starts all over again.

Which brings me to why I hate resolutions. They just make you realise what a lousy person you are and what a shitty job you're doing, trying to be what we call a 'Changed Man'.

Worse part is the realisation of having had the same resolution for three years.
Or more.


What an insult to the self.

Hmm. Maybe this year I'll do better.

Anyway some pictures I recently took with my currently favourite sweater. It's the raining season and one can't help but feel cold almost all the time haha.

 Lion for a day.

Anyway hope everyone is enjoying 2014 so far.
Happy 2014 again peepos! :)

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