Sunday, 19 January 2014

My Cousin's Wedding

One of the few beautiful things in life is the coming of two entirely different people in becoming One, as a whole. My cousin sister had this blessed opportunity yesterday and I'm really happy for her.

They're gonna have tall babies man.
My cousin is 6ft and the groom is like taller than her.

Anyway, we woke up at 7am on that day just to get ready and reach their place at 8.45. We had to go there so early in the morning because there were gonna be these games set up for the groom and his fellow 'brothers' a.k.a heng dai-s.

If you're Chinese, you would know that these games are one of the traditions we have before a couple gets married. The games are supposed to act as obstacles which a groom (and his brothers/friends) have to overcome, in order to prove his love to the bride.

Often, the games are ridiculous enough to make the groom cringe and want to hide.

 An example would be this one where the guys had to pick up jelly using only their mouths, which is placed on the other person's mouth.

And anyone can push your head on purpose to make you kiss each other.
I think I wouldn't enjoy it if I was straight.

My, would you look at this model.

Then we finally got to go up the bride and groom to receive ang pow packets.
But of course not without a few good wishes though.
From past experiences, I realised the best wish in the world is to wish them that they may have 3 babies in 2 years.
It's a chinese phrase.
Yea. Like how are they even gonna be able to enjoy their honeymoon right.
But for some unknown reasons, all newly weds just love that idea I tell you.

I took the wishing thingie a notch higher though.
I granted them my blessings that they may 6 babies in 3 years.

Roast pork.

And the pig followed us wherever we went.

I know what you're thinking lol...  
And I do agree with you hahaaha
When you actually understand the sexual connotation of these initials, you realise how wrong these two alphabets sound together.

 The dinner was held at Grand Imperial.

 The Garlic fish was so good.
It was so delicious you simply had to forget that garlic gives you bad breathe.

  What we loved most from the dinner was the photobooth.

 And then when we couldn't stay at the booth for too long, we took our business elsewhere.

Le Moustache Sisters.

This is probably the only wedding I'd get to attend in a long time, considering almost everyone is now married on my dad's side.

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