Wednesday, 15 January 2014

"Take A Leap"

The other day, I went to the cinema and decided to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Somehow when I got home, the movie made me reflect on my life. And I realised in many ways, I was like the main character himself. I wished I did interesting things, but in reality nothing would be done. Often enough, I would daydream about how I'd like to have handled embarrassing matters of the past or even on how I'd become successful one day and etc.

And it hit me.
Life's too short to always make safe choices.

I know it's one of those phrases people hear all the time, with all the YOLO bullshit, which may even come of as 'cliched'. But this really hit me and made me look back upon my achievements in life.

I swear I got my ability, or lack thereof, to be absolutely positively boring from my parents.
They are the most boring bunch on the universe, I... kenot. And due to that, even my decisions end up being the boring-est one.

It was my youngest sister's birthday, and Surprise surprise, we celebrated it at Empire's Jaya Grocer. Instead of opting to try something new, my parents tend to always make the 'safe' choices. As in choosing restaurants which we have been to and tried their food for adequacy. It doesn't matter if we go there almost every other occasion, eg. A lazy Sunday, a random school holiday.

What matters is that it is within that comfort zone.

The thing is my parents aren't the type who take risks, so my sisters are pretty much the same too. I on the other hand, unfortunately, had a little screw loose in my head and was always demanding for change, and for more.

I'm not greedy, but most of the time, I would be mistaken for so. Even at a young age, my parents didn't want me to do anything else but go to school and come home (besides piano which I utterly had zero interest in).

I wanted to go for Taekwondo classes, but was ultimately turned down.
I wanted to learn gymnastics, but was told I was too old - I was only 7.
Then came the time when I wanted a skateboard, my mum thought I was bonkers.
I got chosen selected to participate in the 100m run for sport's day and for all the 6 years I was in primary school, my parents told me it was too troublesome so I never got the chance to go for a single Sports Day.
I wanted to learn dancing but my mum didn't like the idea.

Life was pretty hard on me, not physically but mentally, considering the many dreams I was restricted from. All because of these 'safe' choices.

I guess its an asian thing, or to be more specific, a Chinese thing. Chinese parents are always the problem here. They either push their kids too far front, or back. Some parents push their kids far front to get good results, have a distinction in piano, plus or minus another instrument, and be on top in ballet.

Then there are my parents who push their kids back and want them to only focus in studies, and nothing else because anything else would be inconvenient.

But life is definitely too short to deprive someone, or yourself, from making exciting choices. I am probably gonna be too old soon enough, to even be flexible enough to dance anymore. If I looked back now in 3 years, I would've regretted if I wasn't persistent enough to enrol for dance class and give myself another chance. Because, I guess that was what I have always wanted to do.

And I'm not gonna back down so easily now, even if people laughed at me.

If you've been wanting to do something you really like, do it.
Don't let others tell you otherwise. Coming from a very unsupportive background, I know it is hard because there are times when you look around for emotional support and no one is present.

Instead of listening to all the negative comments, think of when you succeed. No one is gonna tell you 'I told you so' anymore. Make choices which you want, and not those which you are obliged to.

Be your own person this year and start living it.

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