Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Farewell 2013


2013 has came to an end.

I would say this year, or should I say last year, was one of my worse years. Every lesson that came in my direction had to be learned the hard way. And I can't help emphasizing on how much that sucks.

I know alot of people who probably would say the worse part of their lives/year would be losing someone dear to them. Whether it's the-one-that-got-away, a family member, or even a friend. It can be a break-up, a death or even just a tough decision for change.

For me, it was the loss of friends.

I can still remember the day where I realised I had no real friends. No actual friends. And this was ironic considering the fact that I had many people surrounding me each day.

It was the year 2009, and I was 15 years old back then. That was the year which changed my view on everything. I had a group of friends but I constantly felt like I was left out. Starting conversations became an issue to me and I remember praying every night that I would learn to speak and that I would go back to becoming like the the girl I once was, where I never had an issue talking to people.

But nothing got better. My speech got worse. And I got depressed because I kept thinking to myself how many people actually really liked me the way I was. And how many people weren't putting up an act just to seem nice. I never felt so alone before.

Then 2010 came and everything felt in a place again. I became part of an 'in-group' in this youth ministry my church had. This was a first in a very long time where I actually felt like I belong.
I had friends and we had no problem confiding in each other. But then, I knew it was too good to be true.

Good things just don't last.

I became afraid of people. From once being a person who loved making friends, I became someone who caved in to myself. I hated making friends. I hated the uncertainty of having them.

Everything went downhill after that year, which leads me to this year.

I lost so many people who were once important in my life. Who were once great inspirations to me whom I respected a lot. They were the ones who once told me they don't judge, but the very same ones who walked all over me when I fell.

Then there was also this person who never ceased to insult and criticize me. He spread rumours about me and talked bad behind my back while he never failed to fake a smile in front of me.

But I've learned to let go on what others thought of me. I've learned to move on. I've learned to stop being so reliant on people. And in return, I'm so grateful that I made even more friends in college.

They were the ones who made this year memorable :)

Recapturing the most memorable moments of 2013
With all the people which made me felt like I was worth something :)

Going for the Maranatha Retreat

Jakun-ing at Burgerlab

And my friend found my photo there haha.

Trip to the Philippines.

Becoming part of the BRATs family.

Had my second prom.

With my lovely date

Tried Parkour for the first time and scarred my leg ever since.

Tried singing in front of a crowd for Performing Arts.

My awesome crew :)

Went all out for our short film assignment.

Had to finally bid my darling Nickey goodbye :')

Posing in front of a huge drain on a rocky ground, just for the sake of the nice background.

 First food adventure with these people :)

Nuffnang FoodFest.

With muh thunderbuddies.

 Most memorable birthday ever.
They came to my house in the middle of the night while I was in my house clothes and ugly face.
Totally unexpected.
And I was speechless after that.

They got me the loveliest cake :')
It melted abit though haha 

Took pictures for a magazine cover assignment.

First time karaoke-ing in the entire year with this bunch.

 Our final showcase.

Got braces.

Did I mention I had extraordinarily bad luck this year too?
Lost alot of money to stupid things, and that's all you'll ever need to know.
It's too embarrassing to share.

But I'm definitely looking forward to 2014 now :)
To a year with less procrastination and more productivity!

*Hopefully less bad luck too ><

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