Friday, 10 January 2014

The Burger Factory @ SS15

As most burger lovers should know by now, SS 15 is the one place where you can stumble upon shop after shop which serves a mutual speciality - burgers. Even if you actually tripped and stumbled, chances are the minute you look up, you realised you're in front of a burger shop.

Ok maybe I exaggerated a little. But you get my point. SS 15 has TONS of burger shops.
Today, I summoned my appetite and headed down to The Burger Factory, which was recently opened.

Simple and clean looking decorations which gives this place and extra touch of modernity.
The comfy looking chairs also scored this place brownie points, not to mention how all the furniture were arranged in a manner which did not make the place look crammed up. 
Thus, not making you feel obligated to leave right after your meal is finished.
 I love how this place actually provided the spaciousness of two floors for customers to enjoy their food.

Their menu. 
The best thing about this place is that it's HALAL :D
So everybody can enjoy their burgers.

 Meet The Chic. RM 13.90
No seriously, that's the burger's name.

 Kiddie Chicken. RM 5.90
The most scrumptious looking kiddie burger I've seen in my life.
I hope this serves as a wake up call to McD's happy meal.
It's basically a grilled chicken breast with melted Cheddar cheese on top, Fry sauce, lettuce and tomatoes.

Certainly one of the few interesting looking ones, consisting of a deep fried chicken chop as their patty, caramelized onions, grilled pineapple, chicken pepperoni, ham, and cheddar cheese smothered in Hickory smoke sauce and Caesar dressing.

 Cheese N Cheese.
One of the basic burgers which you can never go wrong.
It has their very own grilled cheesy patty, Double Cheddar cheese, gherkin, caramelized onions and covered with Fry sauce for that extra burst of flavour.
This is somehow just like another double cheese burger.
So do not expect too much if you were opting for something special but ended up ordering this all-time- favourite creation.

 The Americano.
This is definitely a burger which I would label as one of the simple Classics.
But of course, it still has a highlight which would be the Sunny Side Up oozing out the moment your teeth touches the yolk.

 Anything w Chicken.
I guess the sight of the chicken meat poking out does not even require me to elaborate further on this burger.

 The Skunk.
Like it's name, it stinks. 
But of course with the pungent odour of blue cheese, not fart.
This is absolutely only for those who are well exposed to cheese and has an appreciation of blue cheese.
And for that, a certain amount of understanding on the term is inevitably necessary. 

Blue cheese: cheese containing veins of blue mould, such as Stilton and Danish Blue.

In other words, it's mouldy cheese.

Just a warning to those who want to try it regardless, this burger might smell a tad bit like vomit, because of how it is truly generously packed with Blue cheese.

The Volcano.
This burger looks simple but the mixture of ingredients created a splendid blend of aromatic flavours.
Beef bacon, pepperoni, and a Sunny Side Up all on top of a big fat grilled patty, sprinkled with jalapeno and spicy tomatoes, topped with Hot Sauce, Salsa and Fry sauce.
The patty was a distinctive surprise. 
Instead of the usual bland flavour, which I expected (after eating in so many burger places which serves beef burgers), it was incredibly tasty.
The entire burger was juicy and luscious, though it can get pretty messy.

In fact, most of their burgers here will have your fingers covered in sauce, due to their extreme generosity with sauce, in a good way.
But hey, I'm not complaining.
So be prepared to get messy.

A first date with a guy/girl whom you're trying to impress would however, not be that suitable here.
Unless your crush finds tomato and mayo on your face a turn-on, I would suggest you to go somewhere else.

The lighting is always so bad when it comes to taking a picture of me.
Bad luck oh bad luck.

And then, there are the people who love to photobomb me by trying to block my existence in the picture.

And their sweetness sometimes...

Just to wrap up everything, this is a burger place which will keep you coming back for more.
If you're not too keen on burgers, they do serve a variety of western food as well, such as pizza, pasta and hot dogs.
And if that appetite of yours is still unsatisfied, there's always dessert.

The Burger Factory

A13, Jalan SS15/4D,

 Subang Jaya, 

47500 Petaling Jaya. 

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