Monday, 6 January 2014


My title probably summed up everything I was gonna talk about here. I've been really boring lately. And actually, it doesn't really bother me. It just bothers me when I go online and see other people having fun with their lives, posting pictures of parties after more parties.


While I'm here at home lying on my bed waiting for my friends to come up with something lol. I guess the point of social media is to try and outshine each other on how 'wonderful' and 'fun' everybody's life is.

I mean people do not take photos of themselves sitting on a toilet bowl reading the newspaper and updating that on their FB status now, do they.

Oh and have I mentioned that reading the newspaper has been getting increasingly depressing lately.
The prices of everything has increased man. Everything BUT wages. Oh and the value of MYR.

Stepping out of the door has gotten more tiring to think about now, even for someone like me who doesn't like to stay home. The normal things that would run through my head nowadays would be like: 'Aiyo, go here go there need to spend how much on petrol ar. Waseh got shorter route? Aduh toll price also increase hor, cannot cannot must take longer route. Eh but jam how ar?'

Yes, so unglamorously Malaysian haha.

But life must go on.


 If you're a fan of Chinese food or Hokkien Mee, you'd probably like to know about this place. My dad brought us here one chilly night for dinner, and everything here was really not bad. Of course unless you have qualms with its environment being an outdoor coffee shop.

 This place is famous for their Hokkien mee!
If you ever noticed, there's a kind of bitter taste to the noodle which some people call it in cantonese as 'yok sui mei', which is the reason why I don't really like this dish.
However, this Hokkien mee was different!
The bitter taste of the noodle is almost zero and the sauce which it was cooked in was light and wasn't thick, gooey or sticky like how some coffee shops cook this dish.
Believe it or not, this was actually the first time I was willing to eat these noodles.
And I couldn't get enough of it haha.

 Fried stingray.
The sweetness of the stingray was maintained and it was marinated well.
Not bad, but depends mainly on your luck.
This time I went, the stingray was fresh and fried nicely.

 Sweet and Sour Crabs

 It gets even better when you deep these Mantou-s in the crab sauce!

Here's the address if you're interested in paying this place a visit :)

 My ootd on Sunday.
Faux leather vest from H&M :D
Litas from HuiiCloset 

 The pictures aren't that clear because it was taken using my phone camera :(

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