Sunday, 12 January 2014



I'm sitting here and I'm yawning away though I woke up at 11.30 am this morning, which is technically considered pretty late. 

Anyways recently my friend brought me to visit this place in SS14 which has the best fried Laksa I've ever tasted. Ok and also the only fried Laksa that has ever touched my tongue.

But I know it's good because there were no second thoughts the moment I tried it. Haha I don't even think that's a valid reason, but it's something like Love At First Sight -You've never met the person before, you don't even know you're capable of loving someone else but the moment you lay eyes on this random person, everything falls into place and you realise he or she is perfect.

Same concept.

Yes. But of course my experience would be entitled as Love At First Taste.

Before I bore you any further, I shall give you a glimpse of this fantastic dish.

  Just look at the amount of ingredients they put in there.
Your eyes can get lost just by looking at it.
Ok. I know I'm a bit slow and that by now, every kid who studies at Inti and Taylors would've probably eaten this dish a gazillion times.
But who cares?
Something this delicious ought to be shared!
It's the price of a Subway though. RM 7.50. 
They raised the price when they realised how sell-able this dish was, so it seems.

The shop is called Well Cook Gourmet.
Quite a brightly-lighted shop so it would be hard to miss.

"OMG Are those leaves??"

"Right, right. They are. Erm act cool now."

My new cap!!
Unfortunately it's a little too big for me.

 The difference between taking photos at night with my DSLR and my phone cam.
Huge difference.
But then again its rather impossible for me to bring my DSLR all the time, due to it's size and bulk.
So lousy picture qualities ftw!

That's all for now :)

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