Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Red Lips, Pale Face

Few days back, I realised the wonders of red lipstick. I felt like eating Japanese food because it was more healthy compared to the likes of western food which was pretty much processed food and fried oily stuff. However, we ended up in Bad Boys Cook at Oasis Square for a late lunch, because Rakuzen wasn't opened at 3pm :(

 We felt like it was a Chilli Cheese kinda day which was why both of the sets looked pretty similar.
Unfortunately, it's really sad to say that their small portions actually grew even smaller compared to the one year back when I first visited.
My tummy was still growling after the meal.

Anyway, after the meal we were walking around and I was like, hey let's snap some pictures LOL. Halfway snapping I realised that I had a red lipstick I recently bought which was still in my bag, so I thought why not try it out to see whether it matches the look of my outfit.

 This was without any lipstick and my lips look significantly pale, making the outfit look typical and dull.

 Now with red lips.
It somehow brings out the floral patterns on the outfit, making it look a tad more interesting compared to the previous photos where I had no lippy on.

I paired together a denim vest, floral crop top and high waisted faux leather shorts for a girly but edgy look.

 I don't know if it's just me but do you see how much the tinge of red on my lips adds flare to the entire look?
Currently loving red lip sticks although it's so hard to put it on precisely on your lips without making it look messy and unsophisticated.

I got this red lippy at Sephora together with my mum and sis last month.

I don't usually buy lipsticks but the only reason we got it was cuz it was really affordable!
This only costed around RM 25, and the colour was stunning.
NYX is probably one of the few brands in Sephora with the most reasonable pricing, yet with amazing performance.

I'm such a poser, I know LOL.
Aiyo but strictly only for OOTD purposes ma hahahaha.
Besides, you got to admit it's fun playing pretend as if you're some fashionista striking poses in front of a camera lololol.

 I think I shall collect more lipsticks from now on to play around with haha.

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