Monday, 4 August 2014

Wild Wild West Themed Birthday Party

Ok the only reason this post took soooo long was because of how there were too damn many photos to edit. Like phew. Especially due to the reason that half of it was snapped in the dark which required so much just to make everything visible lol.

These are just half of what I took, the rest is just laying  there in my hard disk untouched cuz I gave up editing haha.

Plus, I got a new Mac!!! So thankful I even got it because I've been needing it so much for Uni purposes. It still seems unreal that this Mac I'm typing on is really mine. Don't worry daddy mummy, I will study hard and make you proud and earn back all these money you spent (or wasted) on me and pay you back one day :')

However I'm still not used to it because of how differently it functions compared to my Dell, so editing pictures here in bulk was a nightmare.

Ok I shall stop talking and just let the photos roll. This will be a photo diary I guess since I've sooooo many pictures, I feel tired of even scrolling down lol.

I haven't been tying braids on my hair for awhile now because..
I look like an overgrown little kid as you can see HAHA

My attempt on looking like a cowgirl.

 The view was mesmerising from the bar.

The three lovely Soo sisters and I.
We were waiting for the party to start but had nothing to do so we decided to come down and enjoy the scenery. 
And take selfies to kill time.

 This was so cute!
They printed so many of these to decorate the bar, the pictures were of the five birthday boys and girls.

The lovely mummies.

My sister loved this picture so much she made it her profile picture for reasons I cannot comprehend.
Oh well.

 They also had these cheeky pictures I found interesting haha.

 The five birthday boys and girls.
Will you look at their amazing costumes.

 It was a really amazing night of cheer and fun. I was astounded how everybody went all out to dress up for this party! Some of them even rented costumes!

It's really rare to have these kinda themed parties in Malaysia and even more rare to have people actually dressing up for it. So it was certainly a new experience. Missing the time I had with all of them already. Someone please throw another party haha!

I don't normally get to go for birthday parties because of my age I guess. As you grow older, you tend to realise that birthdays are usually meaningful gatherings or outings together. No longer do we have the conventional kinda party we used to go to when we were younger where we would play games and have fun. Almost felt like a kid again coming to this party and I actually miss that feeling.

I've so much more to update, plus another birthday party I attended! Hopefully I'll have time to do it tomorrow.

Now I shall just go and lie on my bed because today was leg day at the gym and I think I'm starting to feel the soreness in my legs.

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