Sunday, 24 August 2014

Strangers At Forty7

Hey everyone! I know it's been super long since my last post :'( The whole week I had to study for my re-sit paper. And after that I was so relieved it was over that I went out almost everyday to celebrate hahaha. Oh and college starts tomorrow. BOOOOO :(

I decided to try dining at some places while I was gone, so I have quite a number of pending food posts coming up. 

Last Sunday after church, we decided to head over to Strangers At Forty7 for breakfast. We totally had no idea what to expect because I didn't do much research on the place, except the part where I knew many people were recommending here lol. 

We were the first to reach, and also the largest group there. We were given the menu, and to our surprise the menu only comprise of crepes!

It was a shock at first, because although we had no expectations, we thought this would be like another Antipodean or coffee place, serving Western breakfasts sets.

 The setting with dim yellow lights succeeded in making customers feel cosy.

 Fresh juices by Smooshie 
RM 7

 Iced chocolate
RM 11

Latte & Mocha
RM 9 & RM 10

Not Your Local Beef
RM 24
Chargrilled Australian striploin steak, breaded onion rings and sour cream mayo slaw decorated with tomato relish.

Lethal Mushrooms
RM 19.50
Lightly herbed crepe, with a combination of three types of mushrooms - portobello, shimeji, and baby king oyster mushrooms, served with spinach, caramelised onions, tomato relish and topped with a poached egg and some balsamic sauce.

RM 23
Their version of the big breakfast.
And even this has crepes in it.
Wholemeal crepe, served with chicken churizo, ham, hashbrowns, butter sauteed portobello, caramelised onions and a side of baked beans, complete with a sunny side up.

A Hen's Crush
RM 17
Pan seared chicken, hash browns, capsicums, with a mix of a citrus-cucumber-onion-salad, decorated with their homemade spicy sauce.

 Adam's sin 
RM 11
Cinammon apple, wholemeal crumble, blueberries and salted caramel, topped with vanilla ice-cream.

Dark Side
RM 10
Chocolate crepe, dark chocolate spread, white chocolate flakes, topped with vanilla ice cream, and drizzled with dark chocolate sauce and orange caramel.

 Spongebob's Crib
RM 8
Sweet crepe, pineapple custard, sprinkled with crushed walnuts and decorated with a dollop of meringue complimented with some caramel.

Overall, their crepes were not bad. The beef in Not Your Local Beef was medium-well, tender and juicy, complimenting the dry ingredients in the crepe, which included the hash browns and onion rings, with it's essence.

Lethal Mushrooms is not something for everyone. As the name suggests, its only for the mushroom lovers. I took a bite and it wasn't bad.

All their crepes were made quite well in the sense where none of it was too dry or too wet. The only problem we had, was trying to look pretty while we ate.

My favourites were Not Your Local Beef and Dark Sin.
Dark sin made my tastebuds jump in excitement at the moist feeling of rich bittersweet chocolate sauce and orange caramel.

First attempt to capture all of us in a frame.
Spot me haha.
I was like 'omigosh so embarrassing!' *doublefacepalm*.

We finally gave up and asked one of the waiter to take a proper picture of us.


Abit costly considering the portions. The only one which I felt was worth the ingredients used was Not Your Beef (which is why it's one of my favourites), because of the high-quality beef they used. BBC, the big breakfast with crepes, was a little small-portioned considering the price and ingredients used. 
The Smooshi juice was a regret, because it tasted exactly like what my dad blends for me everyday, and for such a tiny bottle it costed RM 7. It looks big in my picture but trust me, it's just a wee bigger than the size of my palm. 

The only upside to this entire trip was that they did not charge for their service nor tax.
 So if you compare this to other restaurants which seem cheap but charges a bomb for tax and their service, this place is price-worthy.


Service was efficient, they even asked for our feedback on the crepes :)


Not bad, pleasant experience. 
Loved the combination of ingredients used for every crepe, and everything was well prepared.


Just double park and leave your number.
It will make your life easier.

Would I return?

For their crepes, maybe. 
Just without ordering any Smooshis.

Where to find them?

47, Jalan 17/45, 46400, Petaling Jaya. (Section 17)

Weekdays: 3pm - 10pm 
Sat & Sun : 11am - 10pm 
(Kitchen closes from 3pm-6pm. Bar and desserts remains open.)
Closed on Tuesdays. 

Hope this review was helpful to those of you who would love to give this place a shot! Do let me know on what you guys think if you have visited here before :)

 Will try to update on more stuff sooner! Hehe

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