Thursday, 28 August 2014


I've been getting into so much trouble recently and I've been pretty down because of everything, and that's pretty much why I haven't been in any mood to edit the pictures I took and post them up.

Yesterday was Eva's birthday and we all planned to celebrate her 21st birthday at an Italian restaurant in KL. Will update on that soon :) Anyone would think that I could just go for it without any havoc occurring right?

Wrong. So wrong.

I told my mum about her birthday months ago and how we were going to celebrate it, just to prep her so that she has an idea of what will be happening and wouldn't be grumbling at me later on. That was how excited we were for Eva's 21st haha.

I was on my way out for her birthday dinner when my mum looked at me and asked where I was going. I reminded her about the dinner, and just in a matter of milliseconds after hearing my reply she  started flipping out.

Said the road was jam at this hour, it was too damn far, why the hell KL, why so late (I left at 6pm) and even pleaded me to not go -.-

I was pretty upset already because of the previous incident about not allowing me to go on trips, and now she is encouraging me to miss one of my close friend's birthday?

A little absurd don't you think.

Oh and the night before, both my parents did not let me go for her midnight surprise.

I clenched my jaw tight taking in everything she said, already given up on providing more explanations, grabbed my keys and just left.

The moment I reached the place, I got a text from my dad asking me where am I and why did I turn my phone off, complete with plenty of exclamation marks. 

First of all, my phone was NEVER off so it may have been typical Maxis problems. Second of all, why the hell didn't my mum pass the damn message.

He called me and started yelling at me in front of two of my friends. I did not yell back, or raised my voice. I just replied whatever he asked me mechanically and I think that infuriated him more. He finally demanded that I come home before 12. 
Wow, how many Sherlocks does it take to know that that's almost impossible.

I mean how rude would I be if I just left half way when everyone was eating, not even waiting for the bill to arrive. For the record, our dinner only started at 10pm plus, and the kitchen took pretty long to prepare our food.

Thanks alot guys for being the most understanding parents in the world. You guys deserve a nomination. No, wait. An award.

P.S. The only reason I've not ran away is because I respect both of you too damn much to cause you that much of a disgrace.

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