Friday, 15 August 2014

Results Are Out!

I just got my results a few days back and I'm so relieved! I was not confident with almost all the subjects because of how bad I am with the text book terms. I just can't remember those crazy terms so a common scenario of me during my exam would be me looking at the paper and be like "oh I know this." 

Just as I am about to pen down my answers on the white sheet of paper laying before me, I glance at the blank paper and realise my mind is just as blank as it.

Everything I studied, memorised and learned are POOF. Gone.

At first all the technical terms in my head seem to be within my reach, but somehow when I try recalling a particular word, the term just swims further into the back of my mind, slowly disappearing. 

This pretty much sums up what I go through during every test paper. So my confidence is undoubtedly low when expecting my results, especially since I was even sick (food poisoning and dizziness) for two of the papers. 

But thank God everything went alright! And even the lecturer which I disliked very much gave me an acceptable result. 

I can say I was pretty lucky for this semester. I was not consistent with the amount of effort and time put in studying and my assignments, but I still managed to increase my CGPA. HOHOHOHOHO *laughter of menace*

I'm so thankful I'm unlucky in every other aspect except this.

Sigh. But right now I needa study because of the paper I missed when I was sick. The re-sit paper is next week and I'm kinda freaking out because I just don't have that exam mood to remember anything.

What's worse is that college is reopening in 10 days -.- Hate this.

 Remember the floral crop top from a few posts back?
I decided to pair it differently for a whole different vibe.
Instead of the edgy look I did the last time, I wanted to tone it down so that the outfit would look chic yet casual.

 Paired this top with high-waisted jeans and studded creepers, together with a matching studded bag haha.

For some reason, the wind only started to blow really strongly when I started taking pictures.
I guess the wind wanted to be part of the photo too hahaha.

Cookie monster getting cookie wasted.

 Dom and his soya moustache.

We went to Simple Life in Paradigm for a quick lunch because we couldn't decide on what was healthy yet at a reasonable price.

I've stumbled upon this shop many times before but I never thought twice of it because.... I felt I was just not a vegetarian. However this time it caught my eye because they had a tea-time offer which was only RM 5.90++.

The offer set came with a plate of fried rice, some soup and a cup of soya drink which you can mix with either Multigrain, Matcha (green tea) or a few other flavours.
We chose the green tea one and it tasted really nice.
It was a little sweet for me, but still wonderful.

The fried rice was surprisingly alright too!
I honestly never expected vegetarian food to taste as tasty as non-vegan foods.

I told this to one of my vegetarian friends and she looked back at me in raw horror.
Apparently she said Simple Life was one of the worse tasting vegetarian restaurants ever. 
Maybe cuz it tastes so un-vegan like LOL.
 I don't know.

 That's all for now buds.
See ya next time! :)

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