Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Frozen Tea Party

As promised, here are all the pictures from the Frozen themed birthday party I was talking about! Two weeks back, this lovely little girl named Ashley turned 5 years old and I was invited to her home for a tea party.

She even had a princess gown on especially for this special occasion!
One of the cutest and most talkative little girls I know, not to mention very intelligent.
Why do I say she's intelligent? Well I obviously know nothing much about her academic performance, considering the part where she is only 5.
However, conversations with this girl has been an eye opener and she will never fail to make anyone smile.
When you speak to her, she will gladly tell you stories of 'When I was a little girl'.

No, you did not read it wrongly.
She actually told me this once: "When I was a little girl, my mummy said I didn't like to eat this"

So adorable right?? I mean I wouldn't expect that from a 5-year-old.
And her mummy would joke and say that she's such a granny hahahaha.
She talks like a matured lady, I actually feel ashamed of myself haha.

 Anyway, there was a whole lot of food laid out for us. 
And everything you see is made by Ashley's mummy, who can bake really well!

 Frozen cake pops to go with the theme.

 This is by far my favourite.
I even ordered a dozen of these from Ashley's mummy once, for my birthday a few years back.
The Ferrero Rocher Nutella cupcake.
This cupcake is made out of pure Nutella, even the icing on top while in the middle lies a hidden surprise - a whole Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

 She even made this miniature snow-skinned mooncakes because the Mooncake festival is just around the corner.

Mini pies.
There were three baskets of these, with each containing a different filling - spicy tuna, tuna and ham & cheese.

 What is the meaning of fun without nuggets?
I miss nuggets so so so so so so so so so so much.
I just can't express the immense joy I felt pumping through my veins when I saw these things there.
Ok I'm just being dramatic, but I solemnly tell you it was sheer joy I felt.

 So fancy looking, I just had to snap another picture of this pie with a not-so-different-angle --"
I mean look at it! I couldn't decide which pie picture looked better tehe.

Crap, I just made myself hungry.

 The kid zone.

 I even got to meet up with two of my childhood buddies.
No not the two young ones.
Their parents, Tim ko-ko and Marian jie-jie.
That was what I used to call them when I was a wee little thing.
They were the ones who played with me and kept me entertained everywhere I go!
Not to be full of myself or ahem, perasan, but I think they actually found me cute when I was little LOL.
Ok that's pretty hard to believe because I was never a cute kid :(
Even my sister said so haha.
I still remember they used to be best friends when playing with me, and look at them now.
They're happily married with two lovely children, and now it's my turn to play with them haha.

It's funny how life goes sometimes.

 Games time.

 It's Pin the Nose on Olaf!

 And finally, the grand-est homemade birthday cake I've ever seen in my life.
It's so pretty!
All handmade by Ashley's mum, and the colour of the frosting was perfect.

 The happy girl admiring her cake.

 We also celebrated three other people's birthday who were all born on the same month.

 Apparently, even the birthday girl's mummy's birthday was a few days back!

 More close-ups one the gorgeous cake.
I just felt sad that we were supposed to eat it :(

After cutting the cake, we entertained ourselves by creating princess hairstyles.
My sister was one of the test subject as you can see.

We also played 'masak-masak' with the kids. I was the customer and they had to cook for me.
Oh and they do deliveries as well.

Us and the birthday girl.
Ignore my hair.
And my face.
And my muscular legs.
Ok la, just ignore me from the picture.

Before we left, Ashley handed each of us this sweet card she made.
A lot of effort was put into this party especially by Ashley's mum, and I was really thrilled she invited our whole family to be part of this special day with her.
Isn't this somehow the perfect birthday party you'd dream of as a kid?

I know I would have loved it lol. *embarrassed smile*
I wanted a castle cake when I was 6. 
My mum tried, and it turned out like a castle indeed.
The only problem was that it was not a princess one.
It was more like a mud castle falling apart HAHA.
I still have that picture somewhere but I'm too lazy to go look for it.

Alright I'm off to bed now. I have to wake up at 5.30am tomorrow morning to prepare food with my mum for our church's cafeteria, and today has been a long day.
Our pipes burst.

And we had no water coming into the pumps for our toilet bowls and everything. So imagine like you wanna take a dump but you got to think twice about it. We ended up walking to our area's clubhouse just to take a shower and then walked back home.

Good night! :)

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