Thursday, 30 May 2013


So I was feeling unnecessarily in the mood to be spiky today. I guess I just had the sudden urge to wear everything I bought recently. I was never patient when it came to new things. I guess it's just the sudden exhilarating rush of excitement, the moment you realise that you're gonna be wearing something you've never worn before. Yaaaay.
Ignore the face lol 

My friends told me I looked like the Statue of Liberty LOL. All I'm missing is a torch. Now I know what I can effortlessly dress up as during Halloween.

And thank God I'm not the type of person who does hugs alot (unless I'm in church). Or I would probably have slain the person by accident.

Then there was a friend who was quite funny and stated "Wa actually very good ar you wear that, when people want to rob you, you just zhaaaaaaa! Very useful". Yep he did the sound effect too. However I guess what he said was true in a way, not that I will 'zhaaaaaa' anyone, but people who wanna rob me would think thrice.

I mean who can say know to such an awesome fashion trend right? That makes you look stylish and can even help you fight crime.


I mean guys always had a reason to attack/rape/rob women saying that it was the way they looked, and especially the way they dressed. But now these losers won't have no excuses no more for their dirty deeds.

Come on bro, how is this even tempting to rape?

It's like asking a guy to rape a durian.

Yea she looks hot but you'll have a hard time trying to get that off :/
Wouldn't wanna hurt those delicate fingers of yours now would you.

Anyways what happened in college today was another lecturer gave another assignment. So altogether I have 3 assignments and 13 quizes currently. Such an unlucky number -.- I'll probably just try to do one quiz tonight to make the number nicer to be seen and heard lol.

I'm feeling so lazy these week, must've been the short one week holiday which enforced this laziness upon me. I still feel like I'm in this holiday mood. Ok I should think positive. Positivity helps according to many articles apparently.

I'm hardworking. SO VERY HARDWORKING. And smart and intelligent and brainy and nerdy and overachieving. I live up to the name Asians. I'm a real and living testimony of smart asians. I'm AWESOME!

Ok done being positive. It should work it's magic by tonight. And I'll finish a whole quiz tonight. Heh.
Wait it's already the night. Oh well haha.

I kinda went to the arcade today, to watch these fools play lol.

 New dancing game.

 Damn cool you just have to follow the avatar dancing, that's all.
They can detect and sense your body movement.
They don't have those complicated arrows on the ground, where you have to step on, anymore.

Look at the intensity drawn across his face.

 I'm a multicorn. See what I did there? You see it you see it you see it?? :D
Ok just laugh. Like now.
I made a joke.
If you still don't get it, then nevermind. At least I tried. *pats self on the back*

I should probably stop taking selfies of my tard face.
But then I figured there'd be no more pictures at all on my blog if I did that.
So I thought NAHHHHHH. Will continue camwhoring with my hideous face.
Hope you don't get scarred for life after looking at all of it. Lol
Hence view at your own risk.
Take Care.

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