Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Happy Anniversary to 2 Important People In My Life

Today was my parent's anniversary, and I can never seem to remember when isit. I guess this is partially why I'm posting it here, so I can refer to the date again next year lol.

Okok I know I should be a better and more thoughtful daughter. I'll try to remember it from my own strength, but backups are important just in case I fall down and hit my head hard or get Parkinson's disease before their next anniversary. Touch wood.
Otw to Empire, with Nat.

We celebrated their anniversary at Empire. Yes we're probably the only family who celebrates everything together. Probably even Valentine's day when my sis and I were younger. So unromantic I must say.
Next time I wouldn't bring my kids out with me for my anniversary dinner. Even if they're less than a year old. 

I'm so cruel.
That's why I'll never be able to be a mum.

Fine fine.. my sympathetic side just got the better of me. I'll bring them along for the first 7 years of their lives. Reluctantly. 

 My mummy and daddy.
Mummy chose Din Tai Fung.
Both of them are chinese food lovers to the max.

 Dry chinese ramen.
The noodles are all handmade :)


My favourite! Sesame tong yuen in soya bean.
But after eating this I got a hard time cleaning my teeth --
The things I do for food haha

 I like this picture haha! 

Oh and we saw this on the way out. So pretty!
Probably too pretty to even eat.

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