Wednesday, 1 May 2013

DIY Shirt Weaving Tutorial

Ok so lately  my new hobby has been getting down on all my old t shirts and recreating them.

I even had to skip showering for one whole day all because of one shirt.
Hahah ok I'm not that disgusting but cuz basically in college I spent the whole day in air conditioned rooms and when I got home, I spent the whole day in my nice cold room.

I'm like a hobo once I find something interesting to do.

So yes I was actually clean on that day. Really clean ^^

Anyways  the first shirt I transformed was...

From this:

To this:

My sister scolded me for cutting up this shirt. 
Cuz she wanted it -.-

So how did I do it? 
Here are the steps! :D

 1. Cut up the collar of the shirt following its original seams.

2. Cut the sleeves as well.

 3. Fold the shirt in half and using the a pencil,draw half of a triangle like this. Then draw lines in it, the distance of each line being roughly the width of your finger (2 cm or so).

 4. Spread the shirt this way so that when you cut the back according to the lines, you won't accidentally cut the front of the shirt.

 5. Cut till the very bottom of your half triangle.

 And you will have something like this.

Weaving the shirt

 1. Take the first strip and make it into a loop like this. (Remember the way you twist it)

2. Put the loop on top of the second strip and pull the second strip out of the loop as such.

 3. Pull the second strip out and twist it into another loop (the same way you twisted your first loop) and place it on top of the third strip.

 4. Pull the third strip out of the loop and repeat from step 1 again.

5. Do this till you reach the end.

 6. Take the last loop and cut it in between.

 7. Tie a dead knot .

 8. Pull the sides of all the strips to tighten the "weaving" in the middle.

And VOILA. There you have it! :)

You can make the length of your shirt shorter too, to create a crop top. Anything is possible.
If you're afraid that you might cut wrongly, then try it out on some really old t shirts first before doing the real deal.

It's really simple but all you need is just some time off your busy schedules to accomplish this.

Happy recreating your t shirts people!

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