Friday, 17 May 2013

Post- Exam- Partum

I'm finally done with mid- terms!!! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  Yippeeeeee Hurrraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy and *insert all the happy words in the world here*

I know I have nothing to brag about since my exams are..... actually really simple since I'm doing my degree in Mass Comm. Alot of friends I have which are doing A levels and other pre-U programmes were like '"Huh, mass comm need to study one ar? Common sense ma no meh"


Not true kay. 

We have so many theories we need to memorise that if you did not know what we were doing, you'd probably think we were studying for medical science. Or even Law.

Plus our lecturers even said that we have to use terms from the text book and not terms formed from your head or else BOOM. You can get no marks. 
Lol but I think he was using that to scare us.

I mean c'mon how can you not want to give marks to angels like us. Ok getting ahead of myself here.

One of my lecturers even said " Just because you wrote 5 full pages for your essay with alot of words, it does not mean you'll get alot of marks. Don't try to mask your stupidity with the number of words you write"

How motivating of him right.

But he was super nice, he gave us like exact tips for this exam and if it weren't for him, I would be laying down in a bed of roses by now. Dead.
I actually thought his subject was quite complicated since in the first chapter there were already words like ontology, axiology and epistemology.

But phew he told us what was coming out so ya. My last minute studying for this subject was not too bad after all.

But then we weren't so lucky in the next subject. The lecturer did not give us any tips whatsoever. He only mentioned which chapters to read up on. Which was everything he taught.
Such helpful people.

He only gave us tips on the day of our exam itself. Two hours before it.
So we started studying like mad within those two hours on what he said. We were panicking like mad.

So the exam started out really professional with all the papers set on our little table.
But half way through everyone was like..

Lol I don't think he is stupid to not know that but he did not say a thing. There were even two other invigilators with him but not one of them said anything.
The whole class was full of whispers and he did not even ask us to shut up. 
So he made it up to us in a way, for giving us tips at the very last minute.

Oh well. It's over now. And I'm so happy it is cuz next whole week is a break!
Which means more ME time. How vain can I get lol.

I haven't been going anywhere else other than to college for classes for the past month. And I think I'm seriously deprived of shopping. You don't even wanna know.
To the point that I actually went "window shopping" online. One day before the final test. 2 hours before the day came. 

A person's priorities are screwed up when they are in serious deprivation.

So yes. Shopping next week is a must.

Ok I'm super happy now. Thinking of the S word just makes me go cray cray.
Hehehhehehehehehehe I'm super high now. I think I need to go get some water to hydrate myself from this high.
I know. I'm such a girl. LOL

And here are some throwbacks for those days I was gone.

 Second time at snowflake.
Did not go back to this place ever since the first time till now because I did not like the smell of the weird taros and the other chinese herbs they put in there.
Haha but I still went because my friends wanted to eat here.

 The main attraction of the entire store. 

 How I ate mine.

How my friend ate his.
Super neat right??

When I was bored studying.
Drew an ugly star on my friend, trying to make it look like a tatoo.

Mum decided to finally use our oven for good. 

 I'm just too amazed at it's intricacy I had to share it.
Found it in my dogs' home.

And FB pressuring me when I wanted to use back my same profile picture.
Now I know what it means by cyber bullying.

Haven't been tying my hair like that in a long time. 

 Wore my snake :D

 That's all! :)

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