Sunday, 19 May 2013

Chic POP Street Market @ Jaya One

My friends were all excited about this event called Chic Pop at Jaya One. And I did not have a single clue on what was it till I reached there. Plus I did not even know where Jaya One was located at (I live pretty far away from this area).

Thank God Gillian was there to guide me and not to mention, my GPS as well.
We reached there pretty late at about 2.30 in the afternoon, cuz Gil had class and exams earlier. Yes on a Saturday morning. 
Malaysia Boleh LOL. 

We decided to park at Jaya One's basement zone instead of using the valet service where you can just park your car right outside the building and walk in. Cuz it was just too darn expensive and your car would have to stay under the hot sun while you shop under the hot sun. I mean where's the benefit in this service?

How wrong was I.

The basement was uber confusing. It was like a maze. Inside a maze. Like Block A and Block D had no relation whatsoever. Usually it's in one row and near each other right? 
But nooooooo, all the zones were in opposite directions.

And this is where phones with cameras come in handy.

Ok maybe it was just my sense of direction. But be my guest to challenge yourself by parking there one day and then look for where you park after 4 hours.

Chic POP was basically like a bazaar of blogshops all in one place. So instead of shopping online, you get to see and touch all their items and even bargain for the prices to go lower.
It was really crowded.

 The little boy stoning at my camera was probably thinking: What weirdo is this taking pictures in the middle of the street.

But unfortunately by the time Gil and I reached, most of it were sold out.
We missed lots of nice pieces :(
But again, I can't imagine how much we would have spent if we did came in the morning, finding so many nice stuffs.
So everything sold out was actually a blessing in disguise I guess. Heh

This looked interesting haha.
How creative right.

They even had cool vintage looking posters (ignoring SpongeBob) you could buy to decorate your room.

 Mauricia, Gillian and I.

Oh and half way walking we saw the Ryan and Natalie from Hitz.FM! They were filming there to promote this event.

I was watching them set up together with my friends, waiting patiently to get my picture taken with Natalie after she was done (how often do you get to bump into celebrities on the street, let alone our local celebs). Suddenly, they asked for volunteers to win RM50.

Nobody volunteered.

Everyone was shy haha. They picked a girl nearby and then they started to look in the direction where my friends and I were standing.
And they picked my friend, Aaron.

We were so excited for him, and wanted to be there to show our support till the end. However, they took quite long and we were drawn to the other shops nearby. And so we drifted away.
When we came back, instead of winning RM50, he actually won an additional RM 50 cash.

And that was when I thought to myself, I was like at the right place, right moment, but wrong gender. Damn.

Life really has to rub it in my face for being a girl, on top of the fact that I actually wished I was a boy ever since I was 5. Yes I think being a boy carries more benefits. Plus guys these days can actually accessorize, dress up and even wear make up. I don't see a point of being a girl anymore.

All that were once rightfully ours are now the guys' as well.

Anyways I finally got to take a picture with Natalie! *giggles*

Aaron took the picture for us, and funnily he took it twice but both times it was either me or Gil who wasn't ready. Plus the wind was really bitchy that day.
Only blowing onto our faces when we were taking photos and not when we were walking around under the hot sun -.-

Tada! My shopping haul for the day.
 But the leopard print tank was free from buying the pink crop top.

It looks little here but the amount spent was NOT little. Haha
And when I came back I regretted not buying a few more items. I'm so greedy lol.


 Went to an open house for dinner. 
Free food yaaaay!

 Checking out the house.

 The owner said he did not own a tortoise,
and this little boy here was just found swimming in their pond one day.

 His neighbour. I envy such passion.

 The 'open house' was held on their playground.

 They even hired an emcee. 

 My plate. 
The catering was pretty awesome. They served chicken, lamb, venison and salmon.


Oh and a huge roast pig. Roast pork for everyone!
I want this caterer like seriously man if I ever have a function next time.
So this basically summed up my whole Saturday.

And .......
I'm hungry now. So I shall go hunt for food.

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