Friday, 24 May 2013

Day Trip to Sunway Lagoon

Time really flies when you're having fun. I just can't believe it's a Saturday already. One more day and I'm back to college again, with the whole mundane routine starting all over again.

I've been pretty busy during this break, having many different activities on my to-do list. Sadly I wasn't able to do everything as this one week was definitely too short :( Really wished I had more time. That is part of the reason I did not manage to blog this few days either because I've been coming home quite late.

My buddies :')
They are the main reason I can go on life without feeling alone, without feeling judged all the time.
Lol I love all of them cray crays.

Anyways, I spent my Thursday at Sunway Lagoon! Alright you'd probably know that the tickets for Sunway Lagoon are not cheap. At all. But recently they've been having this offer where you can get two tickets for the price of one, which allows you to play everything there, all park at RM120. So I bought the tickets and decided to split it with my friend.

But obviously every good thing has to come to an end right, so were these tickets as well. It expires in July right before our sem break. So I called up my friends and told them I wanted to go this week. I did not know one of their dads were working there, and he managed to snag tickets for them for absolutely free . Plus they got to enjoy the 'all park' privilege as well.

I realised again just how unlucky I was. Grrrrr :(

 This height chart ain't got nothing on me!

 Half way walking, a random guy out of no where came up to both of them asking them to pose for pictures.

 Would you just look at their happy faces haha.

We tried everything there, and all together there were only four major water rides. I liked the Vuvuzela best. The beginning of it was pretty slow but then after that it gets interesting. We sat on it for a total of 5 times! That was an achievement alright. Considering how long we had to wait for the first three times, and breathe in the air which smelled of wet dogs running around.

Literally, certain parts while lining up for the slides really smelled like my dogs right after I showered for them. And that reminds me, it's been a long time since both my dogs bathed. LOL.

Anyway, after so many times of riding the Vuvuzela, we mastered the art of it. The art of making the Vuvuzela, better, faster, stonger hehe. Ok not me, since I'm one of the lightest there. My friends actually  maneuvered it, like leaning in the float from side to side depending on which point of the slide. And to my surprise, it works o.o

The thing was super fast I felt like I was gonna fly beyond the slide.

 We were somewhere near the brink like this picture.
All of them wanted to live by the code YOLO. 

Ok usually people would think that the lighter the float is, the faster it would go down the slide and all right? This was an exception. It was like the momentum got higher if the float was heavier.

Okay now you'd probably think I was possessed by the slide or something lol. But you would not understand until you try it!


Oh and we tried the 5D Waterplexx!
Well I don't get why they call it 5D though..
I mean I went to Singapore at Sentosa Island and tried their 4D ride, which they were quite famous for.
And there were water effects there as well, plus it was super fun, not to mention the whole experience was really realistic!

This 5D Waterplexx honestly has to stop stinging on the water effects they throw at us.
It was alright but I still felt that they had so much room for improvement!
Oh and it wasn't that wet.
Maybe cuz we went there half wet already lol.

Then we wanted to go for Scream Park, but it required us to be dry and with shoes and shirt on. So we left it till the end till we actually forgotten about it -.-

Can I hold your hand? hehe

Alright I'll be the first to admit I was scared of it... And I secretly wished my ticket did not allow entry to this so that I did not have to face the dilemma of going through it or not, just to make my 60 bucks worth. But that was before kay, I actually really wanted to try it when we were there. So that I can lansi everybody after that and say that I was such a man lol.

Unfortunately we all forgotten about it and by the time we were done showering it was already late :(
Hmm what else did I try.. Oh and there was this little pool which generates wave, called the Flowrider. It was where I learned something new : there was actually a sport called bodyboarding.

So what comes to your mind when you hear this word?

Well apparently plenty can go wrong in your pursuit of reaching this level in body boarding. 
Such as...

I would say it looked pretty retarded at first when I saw everybody going on it (including the trainer whom I did not know was the trainer). They all looked like they were wrestling against the waves just to be able to stay in the mini pool. I mean the pool was so mini it was ridiculous.
I did not try it at all. Cuz I saw no point in it other than if you really wanted to embarrass yourself that badly. Lol no offence.
But once I understood how complicated it was, I guess it did not look retarded anymore. Seriously, my respect to all those who tried and managed to stay in the waves. Only the coolest people were brave enough to do it haha :)

Photo credits goes to Chong Keat with his amazing camera abilities which even the Samsung Galaxy S4 couldn't tame.

After that we had dinner at Big Hug. My second time there. Marcus wanted Burger Lab but the traffic was nuts at that hour.

 Mine :) Ordered Mario's chicken burger this time.

Wished I could bring this teddy home with me.
I would never feel lonely again at home heh.


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