Wednesday, 8 May 2013

When Trends Meet Budgets

So yesterday was a really tiring day. Got to college at 7am and only reached home at about 10pm.
Met many new friends and I actually felt happy. It's now really rare to find myself happy when meeting new people. Most of the times, I just feel very stressed because I have this phobia like what if they don't like me or had a bad impression on me.

Yes I'm a needy person and I need everybody to like me... Oh well, but I'm currently working on Project-Learn -How -To -Not -Give -A -Shit -About -Anyone.

Because caring too much about the opinions of others apparently only brings you down :(

Moving on, the theme for yesterday was black!:D So I wore as black as possible. Duuhhh.
And then I realised how limited my choices were.
As in my closest had many clothes, but most of them were old ones like say kept from two three years ago.
Plus my parents give me like RM300 a month nowadays, and expect me to eat out and shop with that money as well. You can probably buy only 6 pieces of clothing (if all of them were RM 45) and shoes these days cost at least RM 50.
And that is if I don't eat for a month.

See my dilemma?

So I decided to make it a point where I never wear the same outfits twice. What I meant was, to never wear a top with something I've matched it with before.

But I do fail from time to time when I'm lazy.
However, it's pretty workable. And it can even transform your outfit into something people actually think is new.
That's what I like about it.

Finally wore my ripped jeans the fifth time. I don't wear it often because people might think I look weird.
But I still secretly like it anyhow. Shhhhh

So this was what I wore yesterday :D
Yes I really need new shoes other than these high tops I was wearing yesterday.
And I really want a pair (at least) of good old fashioned boots.

Anyone of the above will do. LOL
Aren't they pretty? I'm just craving for one of these.
And in case you haven't heard these kinda black (or brown) Steve Madden ones are the in thing right now.

The best part about these boots are you can even wear them on rainy days! That's what I was thinking, and you can look stylish in the rain. *Cheers*

Plus if your boots have heels, even better. The top part of the shoe won't get dirty easily and you'll only have to clean the heels. On top of that, how can anyone say no to the option of looking taller? ;)

I'm saving up my money at this moment for this awesome creation.

Alright I've got to admit that this isn't the only thing on my wish list right now. I also want this..

A studded denim vest.

However the cheapest I've found online was this denim vest (not studded) at RM43 which includes delivery.
It's quite affordable to most people I guess, but it's not to me unless it's RM30 and below, considering my situation. LOL

But instead of this, I guess my white denim vest will do for now.
This was actually from more than seven years ago. My mum bought it and she kept it till now.
Amazing mum I have hahaha.

Besides clothes... Hmm I kinda want some new accessories too.
I pity my future husband coming to think of it. He will have to support me and my fashion fetishes.

Speaking of accessories I got my ear cuffs which I ordered weeks ago today!
 I bought a dragon one.

And a snake.
Both at just RM10 each! Postage is an additional RM5, but it's still worth it.
I saw the exact same snake ear cuff in Sunway Pyramid and they're selling it at RM 29.

Pardon my skin's imperfection.

 However I think my ear is a bit small for it so I had to adjust it many times. 
But I still like it hehe.

 Maybe I should start pinning my fringe to the side.

 I think I look quite cool with orange lipstick hahaha.

 Or maybe I should just pin it on top and make myself look like a Chinese Pao.

Rawwwr! What was I doing ._____.  Stitch says hi too.

*P.S. Will be offline from now onwards till next Thursday in my pursuit for a 4.1 GPA.
Till then! :)

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