Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Desire & Want

It's been awhile and I've been super busy... procrastinating. I have so much to revise but yet I'm here stuck to the computer on social networks again and again. After every single time I feel guilty (that usually happens past midnight), instead of giving the act up, I do it all over again when I wake up.
It's like I enjoy being guilty. It's like a guilty pleasure.

But still I'm promising myself that after this post, I will study. And I will get a 4.1 CGPA.

Yep 4.1 not 4.0. 
They said aim higher than the stars and you'll be on top of the world even if you didn't reach it right?

So past few days, I was super drained because of trying to keep up with the news on the internet, about all the political stuff since general elections was recently over. I guess all I can say is that what is done is done.
It really was a good fight, it really was a good experience. Some of us still feel really upset about the results, but all we can do is move on. I really admire those people who speak with such passion on this issue and really give their all, even actions wise, just for a hope to see a better Malaysia. 

But I guess we should not give up. By that I don't mean being all racist on Bangladeshis. They are just mere victims from this big fraud and we really are hurting them with our words and our actions. They are just merely another one of us trying to fight for survival and for their dear lives because of how poor they are. They are the real victims.

I brought this up because I've heard of people throwing stones at them or even beating them. They are at the point of their lives where anything will do, as long as they get to feed themselves and their family. 

Yes people are angry of phantom votes and also votes which are not by citizens. But blaming it on them isn't gonna change anything or solve this issue. I guess sometimes we have to put ourselves in another person's shoes. If you were starving and barely getting by, would you accept a sum of money even if you know it's not ethical? I mean after all it's not like you are gonna kill somebody or rob somebody or hurt anybody.

And then comes the thought you have five other mouths to feed at home.

Would you take that money?

I would. 
It's just naturally a human instinct to survive.

It's like if there's no water and you're dying of thirst, you would obviously even drink from a river the colour of Kopi-O. Don't tell me that you'd rather sit there and die. Because we both know that we are afraid of dying. Actually to be more precise, we are afraid of SUFFERING.

Ask any person how he or she would like to die when the time comes and they will give you the least painful way they think is possible to die. Even me.

I want to die of old age in my sleep.
Not from any sickness, but just painlessly in my sleep.

So my point is, do understand their situation before misjudging them. 

Let us all just keep having faith and not give up hope though.

 Because all this was no coincidence. Because this might just be the push needed for the next generation of voters. And I believe that in the next five years, things will change drastically.
It's gonna be up to us people who are now within the age of 16-20 years old, in other words the youth.   

Alright enough of politics. It's just really tiring worrying about these kinda things when your own life already has enough to worry about.

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