Sunday, 5 May 2013

Let's Start Anew. CHANGE.

In the early dawn of this morning, everybody had probably drove back to their hometown or already started queuing to vote for this year's General Election.

The situation got even more intensed lately with all the FB and Twitter posts on this year's elections, the recent 'war' declared in Sabah, the bombings outside the Opposition's office just a few days ago, and of course all the vote for "insert party's name here"  ads on the Star and Youtube.

I'm guess I'm worried. Both ways.

If BN wins, we're doomed for another 5 years. If Opposition wins, we're doomed from the riots that might happen.

I did not say it will happen, but I said it MIGHT.

I just really hope that this year, we the people of this country get to be heard.
That the choice would be in our hands, and not interfered by some third party making us bend to their liking.
I guess as normal citizens of Malaysia, all we hope for is peace and justice.

All this while, we've done all we can to be better people, better students, better workers, better parents. But to have a better country, we need to be a better nation and unite to vote for it. To choose it.

I'm not being biased. 
Because if you're thinking that, well that's just your thought and that ain't no truth.
I'm just asking everybody to really reflect upon the past 5 years, and to decide rationally whether the current leader of our country deserves to hold Malaysia in his hands again for another 5 more years.
Whether he deserves to keep doing what he has been doing for the past 5 years.

I'm not a political fanatic or an extremist. I have always turned a blind eye to politics because I felt it was the main culprit of dividing this nation. And which also kept building boundaries around the different races here in Malaysia, creating unnecessary tensions between races even because of a simple word like 'Allah'.

I never really asked my dad about the whole political story he had in his mind, however, I managed to pick up bits and pieces of what he said when he was discussing this issue to my mum, as the years passed.

One thing I learned was, scolding the party you hate or dislike with profanities just makes you a loser.
A really big one.
Yes, I'm talking about those people who have been vandalizing my FB homepage with all the swear words you can imagine on the party they dislike.

Swearing at them doesn't make you any much better from all the evil you think they did to you.
That's uncool bro..
I wanted to put an example here but I think the person deleted it lol. Wise move.
If you really hate a party or anything at all in this case, please express it with reasonable REASONS. Not with all the colourful words your little mind is able to conjure up.

Anyways, I read this article, and I was really impress by the way the writer wrote. It's going all over FB now and was even posted on MSN.

Yes MSN. It's quite long, but definitely worth the read as she states whether we should vote for change or not.

At the end of the day, all we can do is keep hoping for a clean election.
I vote for Change. 

I even did a little makeover for my room to express my little way of supporting change in conjunction to this year's General Election lol. (Since I cant vote. Yet.)
My parents went to this Parkson clearance fair and they got all of us new bedsheets. They would never spend on such unnecessary things during ordinary times.

This was my bed before.

Deng deng deng~~

And my bed after!
Doesn't my room look brighter now?
I love the frills all around my bed, makes me feel like I'm a queen.

Last but not least, Happy Voting guys!

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