Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Just Keep Calm & Let The Wind Be

It's finally finally finally my holidays!

So I went to Setia City Mall yesterday to catch The Great Gatsby. One of the perks of Setia City Mall is that, it's somehow really calming to go to.
I don't know why. LOL

Plus their cinema is GSC, which means cheaper tickets. :DD 
Alright personally I never liked TGV although it's super cool now with their TGV Club, BeaniePlex and all that other cool shit, cuz how many people are rich enough to spend on that seriously?
To have the luxury of getting to sit and be served in a place that looks like an exclusive club just to catch a movie.

To me, being able to sit in a clean cinema to enjoy a movie is luxurious enough! I don't need y'all expensive beanies to rest my ass on. Lol.

What I care about is this word : CHEAP.

I just can't express my love for cheap things. And TGV is waaaaay overrated. They charge you like RM 12 plus in Sunway Pyramid. I know that in GSC there's signature class and all that as well, but it has always been slightly cheaper than TGV. For instance, mine was just RM 9 for The Great Gatsby yesterday.

Alright enough of monetary issues. Heck I'm not even working yet and I'm such a cheapo.

I had lunch at Carl's Junior, because we were all craving for their salsa LOL. And furthermore, we did not want to go for McD's again. Since every single time I hung out with my friends when I was in Primary 6, the usual hang out or meet up spot would be McD's.

Sometimes I think the reason why students go to McD's is because they are either just too lazy to scout for other foods or they just don't have the money to do so. For my case, we were all too lazy to think of anything else when we were 12.  Good times though haha.

And this was what we did while waiting for our burgers.
We ate the salsa dip with the diced veggies. Alone.
Without the fries.

I decided to try something a little different on this faithful day, which was their low carb charboiled chicken. Cuz I was in need of getting rid of my chubbs :(

When the burger came, it turned out like this.
There were no carbs to even begin with -.- 
Ok maybe some in the mayo, but that's it
I seriously thought they were gonna give like maybe less Mayo and probably a nice wholemeal pita or something like that.
Not stinge on my sandwich.
How can this even be called a burger? Might as well call it a salad. Charboiled Chicken Salad Uncut version.

But it tasted quite nice... while it lasted. My tummy was still grumbling after I finished it up. I'm the type of person who needs carbs in my life or I cant get full unless I'm served a King's portion of meat and veggies. 

What the rest of the table ordered. Superstar Double Cheese (something like that).
It was obviously better than mine, with a double patty and wth cheaper too. 

I really did not know it costed so much to use leafs to sandwich my 'burger'. *pouts*

What happened to our burgers after the first few bites.
Decided to use a spoon to eat it up. 

Then we walked around and went to HnM. My new fav clothing store. I love everything there. From their ladies to their kids and guys apparels as well. Everything seemed like it was especially designed to please me and only me. 
Vain moment aside, this was what I bought.

 Plus it was the last piece left. Hehe steal!!

 Got my first Venti at 50% off. 
Apparently every weekday from 5-7pm, Starbucks is having this offer.
Haha this is starting to sound like a cheapskate post. Oh well. Price does matter

 Wanted to use my book voucher, and I came across this.
Like whoa seriously, there's a book on how to fold airplanes.

Ootd :)

The Night Gets Even Better

Then we spent the night filming a music cover on Daylight. How ironic right. LOL
And as you can guess we 'Syoked Sendiri' after we finished filming. All the secret ambition of becoming a model in us came to life.
Oh and I realised I can never be a photographer. Since I'm only good in adding filters to photos after it is taken. 

I can't set the lighting in my camera properly for nuts.

The jakun behind wanted to draw a smiley face on top of them.
But it failed sadly haha.

Then he wanted to look like Gandalf.

 I'm gonna break this guitar!

Will post the video of the cover once Marcus is done editting with it. 
So stay tuned!

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