Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

 I know I said I would be studying today and all. But I just couldn't help it. It's Mother's Day! :D So I decided to update about it since this year was quite different.

My relatives from China actually came to visit this time. And what's different you say, well this year my mum finally decided not to cook.

Lol she cooks every year at every special occasion when our relatives come over. Even on Mother's day.
Where all mothers are supposed to rest, she slaves away in the kitchen to cook good food for us.
 *sobs, wipes tears from face* How touching right.

So this year instead of being a slave. my mum chose to be a queen. By hiring a caterer to do all the cooking and dirty job for us. (washing the dishes, cleaning the tables, picking up food from the ground, wiping spilt orange juice from kids who run around with paper cups in their tiny chubby hands and basically everything to do with cleaning.)

Smart eh.

They actually came to pitch up the tent yesterday. It was red. Like Ferrari red. And my parents weren't too happy about it, considering that it the tent looked plastic-y and cheapskate.
My mum was visualising more of a nice white smooth fabric looking tent.

Plus my sis added that she'd seen beautiful white tents with chandeliers in the middle before.
Ya sometimes I wonder whether we are from the same family.
How come she gets to see such nice things in her family experience while me... I just don't. LOL.

It's alright. I'll have like 10 tents with chandeliers and built in air-conditioning next time during my wedding.

Mine, babe.

Alright back to reality. Our tent was pretty cute. It had a flag on top.
Told you it was cute.

So this was everybody.
And this was the food.

 Happy sister. 

Behold! My really beautiful mummy :)

And then I went all around to take pictures of everybody at every table. 

 These are my relatives from China. Guang Zhou if I'm not mistaken.

Other relatives from China. I think they are related to my grandma somehow. 

 Look at this baby! Ain't he cute? 
Haha apparently I looked something like him when I was a baby as well.

 Finally I managed to get down on my food after all those pictures.

There weren't that many people however there were many cars. 
So everybody had to park at my neighbour's house.
Thank God his house is for sale.
And that means more parking space for us as long as nobody buys it muahahaaha.

 My sister in an ecstatic condition after getting her Ais Kacang.

 Fruit lover.

My pretty cousin sister and I. Do we look similar? Maybe not so much here.
But when she takes out her specs, whoa the similarity is endless. Till it comes to the height difference. 
But basically we were always known to look the same. All our relatives say so at least.

Oh! Did I mention the current amount of babies present in my family is astounding?

 Check out her hairstyle yo. It's called the two-loops-and-a-tail.

 Two. This little guy is only a few months old.




There were like five babies in my house, man. Furthermore, one of my cousin sisters is planning to get married next January.
Can't wait to welcome the 6th one.

Babies overload.

Funny thing is, all their nap times are the same! So when one goes to nap, all of the younger ones have to follow as well. 

Alright not forgetting my other fellow family members.

 Ok this ain't no family member.
I found a huge ass fly resting on the window.
Look at him, basking in all the attention.
I'm so random haha. This is.... awkward...

This was my 9 year old sister's card to my mum. It looks normal at first.

 Still normal.

 But then you realise that all four sides can be flipped. *gasps*

Well ok it's been awhile since I made cards for my mum (cuz I thought she usually recycles them.. and that she would lose them anyway throughout the years)
So I did not really have anything for her this year.

Anyways I guess I would like to say that...
Although I'm getting older as each year passes and you feel that I'm slowly drifting away from you, just remember that I will always be there when you need me.

Although I probably have a different mindset on many things you are protecting me from, just trust that I know what I'm doing.

Although at times we misunderstand each other, just be patient and know that we will both come to an understanding in time.

Although sometimes my actions fail to show that I love you, just forgive me and know that I'm only human and I do make mistakes.

I know that I may be asking a little too much from you especially since it's Mother's Day, and I don't even have anything to give you.

But although I don't make cards for you anymore like how I did when I as younger, I just wanted to let you know that my love for you has never changed even through all the ups and downs.

I love you, Ma.

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